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"The Big Day" Finally Came...

And not the wedding or anything exciting. :( My fiance finished his internship on Sunday and left early yesterday morning. He's back at home for a month and then at seminary for the year. I was okay yesterday, but today was a lot harder. I just keep thinking of everyday things that we won't be able to do together for the next 10 months. We'll be able to see each other every couple weeks (in fact, I'm flying up to visit him this weekend, and see our church and venue!), but I just keep thinking about how it's not going to be the same.  I'm hoping once school starts in a couple weeks I'll be able to settle into a routine and adjust a little better...

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  • *Hugs* Long distance is rough. I did it for the first 16 months of my relationship with my fiance.
    Just keep in touch as much as you can.
    Hooray for seeing him this weekend and seeing your church and venue!

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  • Thanks! I know it'll be okay. I'm just in kind of a funk...I don't have any family or a lot of friends in the area, so I don't really have anything to do in the evenings now. My lack of a social life is suddenly glaringly obvious!
  • @amakayeb I admit - it is hard at first. The worst part? You eventually get used to it. FH & I have been long distance since the beginning of Jan 2012. We were LD for 5 months in the middle of two rounds (about 4 months each) of CD prior to this continuous distance. When we do get to visit each other often times I come back feeling like the weekend was just a dream. 

    Look into your local library or community center, they will usually know where volunteers are needed. Can you help out at church during the week? School will definitely help - but keeping busy outside of school work will help too.
  • @alisonmarie658 Wow--I can't imagine 4 years! It's 12 hours right now, but that's only for the next month. After that it will be about 5 hours. We should be able to see each other every 2-3 weeks or so.

    Today was much better--partly because we had faculty meetings, so I got in some actual interaction with other people instead of just working in my classroom by myself all day. :) The problem with volunteering, etc. is that I'm usually exhausted by the end of the day and ready to just hang out at home. Actually, for the first couple weeks of the school year, I'm ready to come home and go to sleep! I'm also pretty introverted, so after dealing with my kiddos all day, I'm ready for quiet alone time in the evenings. 

    I am hoping that I get better at talking on the phone--that's just something that I've never been good at doing...
  • *hugs* long distance is rough.  I watched a lot of tv and movies on Netflix for the two years DH and I were LD.
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  • Thanks again, guys! The visit this weekend was wonderful. The church and hall are both really beautiful--just as nice in person as in the pictures. Our parents met each other and got along really well. We also got our Skype accounts all set up, so we've been able to do that the last couple evenings. And now I'm in the frantic last days of getting everything ready for school, so this chunk will actually be harder on him--he's at home (well, his parents' house) on 'vacation' before school starts, so he's not doing very much.

    @alisonmarie658--I teach 3rd grade, and I absolutely love it! We had parent meetings last night, and I kept thinking about how that was the last time I'll introduce myself to parents as Miss K.--next year I'll be Mrs. B! :)
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