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Too much booze?

Hello! We are having about 100 guests at our wedding. We are thinking 
400 beers - probably mixed between 3 or 4 popular beers in my country, new zealand. 
24 bottles of Riesling, 12 bottles of pinot gris, (these 2 wines are already purchased at a great price, very nice new zealand wines)
12 bottles of a red wine, 24 bottles of methode traditionalle (sp) so approx 400 glasses of wine.
2 or 3 signature cocktails. Eg. CC & coke, 6 bottles of CC, so approx 100 drinks 
A fruity vodka cocktail - 6 bottles of vodka, 100 drinks
maybe a mojito or something similar, 100 drinks

So around 9-10 drinks per person. 

I feel like the wine drinkers are getting a good choice, the bubbles will probably be used to toast with, the boys get beer and a cocktail, the girls get a couple of cocktails... of course girls drink beer too!

The one thing that worries me is running out of one thing. Should I double the amounts, and purchase from a store that will let me return unopened bottles?

Re: Too much booze?

  • I don't think there is such a thing as too much booze.

    High-five to you for going all out!

    Make sure your bartender only opens cases and bottles when the previous is empty so you don't end up with waste or random stray bottles that are difficult to transport back home after the event.

  • Cool thanks!! Most people I know are biiiig drinkers, I would easily drink 8+ drinks and my FI and friends would drink like 15 haha, so I though average of 10 would be ok.
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