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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Best cakes? Need help (:

Hi ladies! We have gotten almost all of our vendors figured out, but I'm feeling stuck on the cake part. So far I have talked to great cakes, cakes by robin, patti cakes, and Atlantic. We of course want something that's not insanely expensive, but good quality and service is more important.

Any opinions/suggestions? I'm not set on using any of the ones I've listed, so recommendations are more than welcome! TIA

Also, we are open to doing cupcakes if that makes a difference.

Re: Best cakes? Need help (:

  • doceridoceri member
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    We used Carolina Cupcakery and loved them!  The cake itself was awesome and we loved the cupcakes.  The pricing was not terrible and a whole lot cheaper than Great Cakes.  We had also tasted with Atlantic Cake company and liked them too.  We tasted Great Cakes and I personally did not love them and thought the pricing was crazy compared to the others!  The picture below is from one of our friends so the coloring is off a bit but you get the idea!
  • @doceri I somehow missed Carolina cupcakery when I was searching... Thanks! I will definitely check out that website (:
  • We got our cake from Great Cakes, Key Lime Bliss. This was the only cake place we met with, and we loved their cake, and it was one of the 2 cake vendors we could pick, so we went ahead with them. I don't have other pricing to compare but I didn't think the pricing was bad, we had a simple cake design though.
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  • We used Atlantic Cakes for our May wedding. Our flavor was also Key Lime. It was absolutly DELISH! They also did a fake tier on the bottom of the cake for us since we were having a small wedding. I wanted a 3 tier cake so it looked like a wedding cake and not a birthday cake :-) This was something that Great Cakes was not willing to do for us. When I mentioned it she said they are not in the business of "chasing styrofoam around the kitchen." They were way over priced anyway and communication was poor at best. I definately reccomend Atlantic Cakes. They had a great price and orgnization. Cake arrived right on time.
  • @peaksarah thanks! Atlantic is the only one we've actually met with, and their cream cheese frosting is amazing! That sucks that great cakes was rude about your request... It seems pretty simple!
  • We had a 3 tiered cake for 25 people, top tier is anniversary cake. Great Cakes had no problem doing that.
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  • lweeselweese member
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    Just Desserts has amazing cakes. I plan on using them.. although she said she isn't taking orders for next year until November.
  • We used Just Desserts, but the pricing is a bit steep.  Her cakes are delicious... even the anniversary cake was good a year later!
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  • We are using Cotton Candy Baking Company. We met with her at the expo and have had her cupcakes since then also. They are awesome! We are doing cupcakes but she does cakes also. I attached a photo of hers that I am saving for our color scheme. https://www.facebook.com/CottonCandyBakingCompany
  • Pic didn't post the first time!
  • I would not recommend Great Cakes.  I originally chose them and has a ton of issues with her, which I posted about on this blog and you can look back and find it. She was very unprofessional and not willing to accomodate my allergy.  We decided to go with Cotton Candy Baking Company and Megan is AWESOME.  She went above and beyond to meet with my FI and I on a spur of the moment trip to the OBX.  Her cupcakes are the best I have ever had.  We had also met with Atlantic and her cake was very good as well, we just wanted the cupcake look.

    Good luck with your decision making!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @abardo I'm sorry to hear about your experience with great cakes, but definitely appreciate hearing it! I will be looking into Cotton Candy today (:
  • @doceri I'm just now seeing your picture, because I've been on my phone.. are those mini cupcakes or regular? They look really really good!
  • @jennyandscott14 Those cupcakes look amazing! Thanks for the link!
  • @doceri I love your cake... did you provide the chairs and other decor ?  We are using Carolina Cupcakery as well and I have yet to decide what our anniversary cake will look like!  

  • Okay, I am now really hungry for a cupcake!
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  • @ksj10032782 You're not alone. Add the fact that I've been looking at flavors and fillings all morning and I'm trying to figure out if there's any bakeries close by.
  • BTW- saw your dress posting on Chit Chat- love it!
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  • @ksj10032782 Thanks! I'm a little bit obsessed with it lol
  • The only decor we got personally was our cake toppers!  Here is the link on Etsy for them (they are the small ones - we got an 8 inch round so that they would fit properly).


    They were mini cupcakes and we got Reeses Remix, Southern Red Velvet, and Toasted Almond (our wedding cake was toasted almond).

    I gave them a picture of a beachy looking cake and said I want something like this and they did the rest!  I think I had to specify to them that I wanted fake sand on the tower itself but other than that they were relatively easy to work with.

    They also met up with us at the OBX wedding library when we were first cake tasting and we got to taste a bunch of cupcakes, which were delicious!

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  • @doceri the reeses one sounds amazing! Thanks for all your help (:
  • We are doing Atlantic for our wedding in Nov. We met with them to do a tasting and they were great. My fiance wanted a cookies and cream flavor and we had cupcakes waiting for us to try a few days later. We are doing a cookies and cream tier and 2 tiers of white chocolate with raspberry filling. They were delicious and Atlantic was very accomodating!
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