Just Engaged and Proposals

Just engaged and overwhelmed!

Hi!  I was just engaged on 7/20.  We are looking at getting marrried on 7/19/14 in Milwaukee or Madison WI.  I know we need to get a venue, then I'm hoping to breath a little bit.  Is a year engagement far to short?

Re: Just engaged and overwhelmed!

  • Hi and congrats!

    A year should be ok for most venues/areas; some cities/regions book way in advance, some don't. Try to stay flexible about setting the date, however. You can't say you have a date until you have a venue deposit down. Post on your local board for venue ideas.

    But before you go venue hunting, it is VERY important that you guys set a budget and develop a working guest list (basically, get a number in your head). Those two factors crossed a number of venues off our list when we started actively planning. I used The Knot's checklist to get me started.

    Happy planning! And feel free to ask any questions on these boards!

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    Thanks!  We are completely flexable on the date.  I like it, but I've been contacting venues and asking for June-August because I realize that we will really be limiting options if we stick to the one date at this point:)
  • I bought  a book call the knot book at the local Barnes and nobles let me tell you it helps soooo much it takes you step by step we are having a 2 year engagement just because we live in new jersey and we are so fast paced here and the venues book up so quick I looked into the one venue at a winery in nj and nov. 2014 already booked but they have one spot left for 2015 so im kinda going nuts over here just relax and have fun planning that's what everyone is telling me. In a year you'll be married to your best friend. Good Luck! Congrats!
  • congratulations!!!!!!
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  • I think that a year engagement is average. I have seen brides take two years to plan and others do it it in 3 weeks. I suggest making a check list. It will help you stay on track and it feels so good to check something off the list!
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