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Neon Museum special for amateur photogs

Might be a way for a couple to get in and take their own pics cheaper. :-)

"As you may know, Photoshop World is coming to Las Vegas the first week of September and The Neon Museum is offering its own photo tour to coincide with the fun!

On September 5th from 6 to 7 p.m., for a fee of only $75 (or $60 for locals), you can walk around the Neon Boneyard for an hour at your leisure with any kind of equipment you wish to bring.

As you may be aware, regular guided tours allow guests to take photos as long as they stick with the group and do not bring equipment other than a single camera.  However, this hour long photo tour allows you to take your time in your chosen areas with your equipment!

These tours are capped at 12 photographers, (we do not allow assistants or models, photos are for personal use only) so there is plenty of room to shoot.  These tours sell out fast, so let us know if you’re interested."

Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

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Re: Neon Museum special for amateur photogs

  • on nice!  i hope this is the beginning of them loosening their rules on publishing their photos.  we did a shoot there for our wedding and our photog got shot down for magazine publications because the museum won't allow it.
  • They do seem pretty non-customer-friendly.  We did our 1st anniv pics there, for $300/hour, and max four people (me, wife, two photogs), so we had to leave our inlaws at the hotel; they had wanted to come too.  It was 6pm and the place was empty so no idea why the need for being so strict.  I believe the price has gone up even more since then.

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

    Getting married in Vegas? Start here! [click]

  • I asked recently about a shoot at Neon museum.  I was quoted $400 for an hour shoot between 10am - 11am or between 5pm - 6pm.  If I wanted to have it for an hour between 11am - 5pm then then cost went up to $600.  Too far out of my price range :-(
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