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Shoes - opinions needed!

Hi all, 

I have bought 3 pairs of possible wedding shoes already, I have really struggled to find something close to the design I have in my mind, that are white AND not too high. One pair have been knocked out of the running as they are not quite white. But the other two I'm just not sure about! If you ladies have any advice it would be much appreciated!

Pair 1)
Almost the EXACT design I was looking for, but quite high heels (although they have a platform), they make me as tall as my partner and I would have rather been a bit shorter than him in the photos! Sparkly soles!

Pair 2)
Not quite the right design, but lower heels, although that doesn't actually make them any more comfortable than the first pair! These were also a third of the price of the first pair. I could DIY a sparkly sole if I chose these. 

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Re: Shoes - opinions needed!

  • I like the style of #1 better, but they are very similar... I say go for comfort, girl!
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  • I really like the 1st one!!
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  • I like them both. Hard choice Jemma. I would lean towards comfort (#2) but #1 is definitely sexier ;-)

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  • You've probably seen these but just incase, they are sort of similar! It does say they are ivory though.
  • I think they are both really nice! I would opt for comfort.
  • I like 1 the best.
  • My opinion glue gun (add sparkle) to the second pair and see what u think and then u have the first pair as a fall back
  • Go comfortable! There s a lot of walking in vegas. I wore my sneakers - my dress was long enough nobody saw my shoes and I was the only girl not complaining about my feet hurting!
  • I like #1! Without shoes I'm barely shorter than my FI so I'm having trouble deciding on a shoe style.


  • Thanks everyone! It really helps to hear some other people's opinions :)

    #1 are definitely what I had in mind when I thought about wedding shoes, I REALLY wanted a criss-cross strap that tied around my ankles, and these were just perfect for that. 

    My dress is short so they will very much be on show @missax

    Right now I am not sure which are more comfortable, I am going to try both pairs on with my dress this weekend and have a good old walk around to help me decide!

    Thanks again!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • I didn't read it right, didn't realise you had bought them both! I think the cross at the front will be very flattering. If you can wear them around the house like you said and if one pinches return those!
  • @spoon1984 I've bought three pairs! I know I'll be able to sell on the ones I don't use through some of the UK wedding forums though so its fine, as long as I pick the right ones to keep!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • Humm ofthegirl great suggestion now to find platform sneakers that sparkle. No one will see mine but sometimes u just know
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    Ok so I tried on the shoes today and have taken some photos. Comfort wise, there's not much difference, the platform pair got a little sore on the balls of my feet after an hour or so (no different to any other heels really), whereas the shorter pair were tight at the sides of my toes, which got a little sore after a while. I think I may keep both and wear one pair in Vegas (most likely the first pair, which are on the right in the photos below) and wear the other pair at my home reception (where there will be many more of my shorter family members in attendance!). 

    Thanks again for all of your help!


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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
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