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I have been going back and forth with mine. I really wanted peonies in mine but we were looking at October for our wedding and a lot of florist told me they can't get peonies because there not in season. I did have one florist company tell me they could and I asked them how because many day they can't due to being in season and his response was a lot of florist don't have connections like they do. So I've been leery on going g with them because I heard peonies don't bloom correctly if not in season so I was even deciding on switching the month of our wedding just so I know I can get them. What do you all think? Our wedding isn't until 2016 so I was think early May instead of October.

I would love to hear what kind of flowers you are using for your bouquet. Are you stinking with all white or doing colored. What will your bridesmaids look like. Are theirs just like your but smaller or completely different? Even if you already had you wedding what did you do for yours? If you have pictures or inspirations would be awesome! I can't wait to hear or see all of yours and I hope other will like this and help give them ideas!

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