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already bought my dress

I'm getting some negative feedback, when telling others I already purchased my dress. I understand I have sometime till the wedding but I love the dress and all I can hope for is that I maintain or lose weight. 

Re: already bought my dress

  • I would just tell people that we are all set on our own timelines and that there is room for alterations, but there is potential to not have time to hunt for the perfect dress if you wait!

    My sister got married in June and although she had a 15month engagement she did not start planning until 6 months out. Since I am having a 23-month engagement  I started at 14 months out. It is a constant thing for me to have to explain my timeline (senior year in college, internship, work and planning) in order for people to understand starting this early! I feel like people should mind their own business as far as individual plans go!
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  • I ordered mine this weekend. The person at the salon said that I was right on par since it takes 6 months or so to order the dress and then a few months of alterations. You're fine. Just save the alterations for a few months out.
  • I totally understand where you are coming from. My engagement will be a total of 20 months and I have been doing as many things as I can ahead of time so I don't have to worry about it later. I bought my dress back in February and everyone is saying I will hate it when the wedding comes. It can be frustrating but just do things on your own timeline. It will save you a lot of hassle and stress later. 
  • Fellow early dress buyer here! We should start a wedding dress thread to show off our gorgeous gowns!
  • Like the others have said.... do let people discourage you from your process. I too have purchased my dress... it is in my closet just waiting for the right time to have alterations done. People are not going to drive me crazy, as they will not be the one's out on the hunt trying to find one in the final hour. If you love it, buy it!!!


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  • My fiancé and I want to pay for our wedding in cash.That means buying and deciding way in advance. Also, our wedding will be where we went to college together, a thousand miles away. I bought my dress back in February and asked my bridal party last May.

    Sure I've come across people who say I don't need to worry about this or that, but unless they are paying for my wedding or my bills, I tell them kindly where they can shove it. My parents and my fiancé's parents understand our money situation and fully support our decision, as does anyone else who truly knows us.

    You will have plenty of people on your side throughout this, so stay strong. :)
  • We have been engaged since September 2012. I bought my dress this past June and am not getting married until next August 2014.

    If there is one thing I am learing throughout this wedding planning process its that everyone (family, friends, vendors, etc) will have strong opinions on every aspect of your wedding (some good and some negative).

    Fortunately, the best part about being the bride is that you get to be selective about what you agree and disagree with.

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  • I purchased my dress back in March and I love it just as much today as I did 5 and half months ago...its just so me and I was afraid to lose it!  As everyone else has said, don't let others rain on your parade, my FMIL was surprised that I bought mine early but thats my business...besides my waist line hasn't changed much in years!
  • I got my dress over Memorial Day weekend, and my wedding is me is next August. It was a blow out sale so I took it home with me that day.


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  • I bought my dress about a month ago for my August 2014 wedding. I'm trying to keep a budget, so when I found a gorgeous $2000 gown on sample sale for $500 (that includes tax) in near perfect condition and that fits me near perfectly (the straps need to be shorter and, of course, it needs to be hemmed)?

    Yeah, of course I bought it.

    Thing is, as much as people go "It has to be the PERFECT dress you need to be in LOVE with it and SEARCH for it" etc., fact of the matter is there is one thing (person) you will be in love with/care about on your wedding day...

    And if it's your dress, then that's a major problem! ~.^
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  • My wedding is August 16th, 2014 and I already ordered my dress as well.

    The store said it would arrive in December but I got a phone call yesterday that the dress is already in. Most brides would be excited, however I have no where to store the dress, especially because we are moving and I asked them to hold the dress until January. (first major stress issue as a new bride)

    I wish I would have waited a few months to order the dress, but when you find the one, you buy it!!

  • I ordered my dress already. I know my wedding isnt until August 2014 but when I found it its a relief to have this one thing off the list and know I love it.
  • I also ordered mine. Where I went they said I was smart ordering it a year ahead, making sure it arrives, what i wanted etc. I am not getting alterations until a few weeks before the wedding, it's stored at my moms house now :) I ordered it august 30th, wasn't supposed to be in til end of october but it came in 2 weeks lol.. can't wait to wear it aug 22, 2014<3

    don't worry what others say. it's great you got the dress now, one less thing to stress about later! it's better to be ahead than far behind!
  • I bought my dress on the same day that you did, and my wedding is on August 01, 2014!
  • I bought mine on October 19!!!! I loved it, it fit perfectly and it was on sale! One less thing to worry about!
  • i bought my dress last night !!! whoohoo! It's such a relief! 
  • Just got my dress on Saturday!! It's absolutely NOTHING that I wanted...and I love it!
  • My appointment to try on dresses is next Saturday, the 30th!  Had to plan it for when I'd be back home for Thanksgiving (we moved 12 hours from home but I'm dress shopping back home so I can have my parents and bridesmaids there!)...I can't wait!!  Not just for trying on dresses for me, but also my gorgeous bridesmaids :)

  • I bought mine Veterans Day weekend
  • Wow I better start shopping! Engaged 11/10/13 wedding 8/1/14.... I have some time off work around Christmas so I hope I have some luck then!
  • We got engaged in July, and I bought my dress a week later (end of July) so technically 13 months before our wedding! But I LOVED the dress (still love it!) and it was off the rack and including tax only 308 dollars. I couldn't not! And FI was happy when I told him I stayed under $800 (he didn't think I could!)
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  • I bought my dress on the same day that you did, and my wedding is on August 01, 2014!

    My wedding is August 1, 2014 too! And I just got my dress on Saturday. It was off the rack so no ordering time needed but I go for my first fitting in April.
  • I ordered my dress on saturday as well!
    Never planned to order my dress in the first shop I visit for it, but the second dress just fitted perfectly and I loved it... the dress needs no alterations whatsoever...+ it's a size 6, so I decided to stop thinking about loosing a few pounds before the wedding... 

  • I got engaged in June and ordered my dress in August. It was the easiest decision I've made so far. I just adore my dress! I don't shop the internet looking for a different dress so I don't see why it would be a bad thing. It was the first shop I visited and the 3rd dress I tried on... I only tried on 4 total.
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