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Hello Ladies,

My wedding isn't quite in the luxury category (I'm in that wide world between budget and luxury) but I thought this board might be able to answer my question.  I'd imagine many of you planning larger luxury weddings have live bands for music.  We have a live band too and I am wondering if I should tip them.  Background info:

-They are professional wedding band that we just happen to know socially.  When we inquired about booking them, they offered us their "friends and family" rate, which is about a 40% discount.  Without the discount, they would not have been in budget.
-They are self-employed as a unit, which I know might normally put them in the no-tip category, but I would like to show proper appreciation for the discount.
-Their guitar player will be providing our ceremony music, and did not request any extra charge for doing so.  I plan to tip him the amount that we had budgeted for ceremony music (about $200) regardless of how we handle the rest of the band.
-We can find the money to tip what is appropriate, but are running close to our goal for the wedding budget so if tipping the band seems totally unnecessary I would be glad to skip it. 

Given that these guys are awesome but self-employed, I am leaning towards a small tip (10%, either on their regular price or the discount price we are actually paying) but I would love to hear how other couples have handled this.  Thanks for any advice!

Re: Tipping the Band

  • In this situation, I would tip them. They gave you a huge discount and are providing services for free (ceremony music). Also, it sounds like you really appreciate being able to have them since they'd be out of your price range normally. AND you know them socially. 

    I know people say that tipping self-employed vendors is unnecessary, but I never really adhere to that. If I like the service someone provides, I tip them like I would anyone else providing the same service.

  • Agree with PP. I would also tip on their full price, just like you would do if you were getting a discount or using a gift card at a restaurant. It is so nice of them to offer the friends and family rate to you, and that's a great way to show your appreciation.
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