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Amazing wedding and missing it!

I had an amazing wedding. Of coarse some things went slightly wrong like my maid of honors dress not coming with a sash but we were able to remedy that. Or the venue forgot to put out cookies and milk for the kids at the champagne toast but other than things that didn't matter much the day was the most perfect and magical day of my whole life!

I loved planning my wedding. I love being busy and occupied and all of my many DIY projects and design ideas were exactly as I imagined. I cried happy tears all day, our ceremony was beautiful and everyone kept telling us it was amazing. Getting into our princess rolls Royce after our sparkler grand exit and waving goodbye to our guests on the steps of the chateau is a moment I will never ever forget. From start to finish it was flawless.

Only thing is I had to go back to work the Monday after we got married. It's torture! Lol we are leaving for the honeymoon this Friday after work and I can't wait, but I can't help but feel some of the magic is lost because of the delay of real life. It's silly because our honeymoon will be amazing. A week in London and a week in Paris. I just want to go back in time and live in my wedding day for a little while. Is that crazy? Best day of my life and its over so fast. And it's not just the one day. I loved the planning process and I'm going to miss having this huge project. It's embarrassing to feel this way.

Never again will all of those same family and friends be gathered with all of their love for us. I am so happy to be married but I can't shake this feeling of some sort of loss. So bizzare to feel like you are grieving your wedding.

But I have the most amazing Husband <3

Well it's been great and I will never forget it!

And sorry for any typos! Auto correct on my phone is so troublesome!

Re: Amazing wedding and missing it!

  • I cometely agree with you!!! I feel the same way! It's just that we have planned this day for months, maybe years, and now it's behind us! My wedding was the perfect day, but it just went by so fast. I didn't get to talk to everyone, and I feel guilty for that. When we were getting into the limo waving goodbye to everyone, I felt it. We were never going to have a day this special ever again. These people would never be gathered together like this ever again. It just hit hard that our day was already over and it felt like it hadn't happened. I literally cried the entire ride to the hotel and then again the first day of our honeymoon.

    We should all just get our vows renewed in a few years!
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  • I'm all for vow renewals every year! Lol somehow I think my husband wouldn't be! ;) ... Glad to know I'm not the only person feeling an empty space where the wedding once was. :)
  • Im definitely bored now that all the excitement has passed. My hubby is already planning our vow renewal. We found out a few months after we booked our venue that you can get married in a baseball stadium, so I told him as soon as he makes decent money to pay for a renewal, we would do it. Which works out great because we got married in my home state, where we live and our renewal would be in his home state!
  • I am feeling the same way for me I had been planning my wedding day since I was like 5. And then once I met my husband I knew he was going to be the one I was marrying. So for another 7 and half years I had to wait for the proposal and then another year and half for the wedding so now its like, what next, lol. I guess we enjoy life. We plan to settle in, buy a house, increase our family by two more children and enjoy. Sigh. But nothing BIG to plan for for a while. In 10 years we will renew, I can look forward to that. Lol
  • I think my husband would have a heart attack if he knew I wanted to plan another wedding... I was constantly stressed and freaking out, but I LOVED it!
  • Funny, I just wrote a post like this in another July Bride group! My wedding was amazing and the best day of my life, but not without it's hitches. I was off of work for 2.5 weeks and just went back today and I'm so sad the wedding is over. We are in the process of buying a house so I'm throwing myself into ideas for renovating/decorating, and looking forward to a housewarming Christmas party, and planning to throw DH a big 30th birthday party in February...none of that really compares to how much I loved wedding planning and being a bride though!
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