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Mansion style wedding venue NYC Area up to $90 pp

My financee and I ae getting married in the New York City Area.  We are planning for 2014 and want a mansion setting.  We can not afford more than $90 pp. We understand 28% will be added for service and taxes.  We are willing to host the wedding 1 hour away in any direction.  We need a location that can accomodate up to 250 people.  Any suggestions?



Re: Mansion style wedding venue NYC Area up to $90 pp

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    You MIGHT be able to get the Woodlands at Woodbury if you do a Friday or Sunday in an off-peak month.  But it's the only mansion I saw that didn't also have a tack-on site fee.  Also, they give you a huge amount of food with their packages, so you might be able to get the price pp down if you take some of the things out of the packages.

    Other options are some of the Lessings mansions in Suffolk county, other than the Bourne Mansion (that one runs 140-220+ pp plus a substantial site fee).
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    Also, you should post this question on the LI, Westchester, and Northern NJ boards.
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    Thank you we did post in the other boards.  We also saw the Woodlands.  Love! Love! Love! it.  Off peak times were coming in at $110 before tax.  We did love it a lot.  We are scheduled to see the Manor in West Orange NJ.

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    Did you see if the woodlands would come down at all if you removed items from the packages, or removed expensive items, like serving chicken and fish instead of beef?  They may be willing to work with you if you can take an earlier open date that they need to fill.
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    I will try to negoiate further with the Woodlands... it is actually our first choice...


    thanks again

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    The old bermuda inn on Staten Island. Weddings start at 55 pp.
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    Have you checked out Lessings? They have a variety of estate-style locations at varying price points in Long Island.
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    Thank you Sojoba.. we have decided on the Manison at Timber Point... A Lessings location.
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    I am also looking for a mansion type of feel.
    thanks for the suggestions...will look into what's listed.
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    Congrats @Delatrazzi! Glad you liked them, we almost went with a Lessings location but then decided we wanted to stay in Manhattan.
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