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Prewedding Traditions?

Hi all,
I have a few questions about typical Chinese prewedding events - such as bridal shower/wedding showers, or any other parties that take place before a wedding.  One of my best friends and college roommate is from China, and is planning to go back to China and get married at the beginning of next year.  

I want to organize a celebration or some type of wedding shower for them.  She was heavily involved in my wedding just a few months ago, so I know she is aware of most aspects of American wedding culture, but I'm not as familiar with Chinese weddings.  It is unlikely that we'll be able to attend her wedding, since it will be in China, however I'd like to do something nice for them before they go back.  Do any of you have some suggestions for any prewedding celebration events or parties that we could organize that would bring in more aspects of Chinese culture?  Thanks!
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