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How are you ordering photos?

So our photos came in - yay! However, there are nearly 2K of them and I don't even know where to begin. What all are you ordering? Photobooks? I thought we'd do a photo book for us and one each for our parents/grandparents. I'll also print a few from the vendor site where they are posted and frame them (they are super expensive on the site our photographer posted them to - like $8 just for a 4x6 and nearly $30 for large prints) and then I'll print a few hundred at Costco for cheap I suppose. It just doesn't feel much like a "plan" for them and also I'm thinking how expensive this will be!

What's everyone doing? Also, for the photobook - any favorite sites?

And why are they so expensive where the photographer posted them online? The vendor site is Pictage.com.

Re: How are you ordering photos?

  • We just ordered our photo books through mikes camera. They were amazing!! I took in a USB drive of 200 photos that I wanted to incorporate, and the guy worked with me so that the photos flowed. The preview looked great!! Our 1 book was 150$. I was going to print some off at Costco to put in our photo album, and order just a handful for the really nice frames we got as gifts from the photographer.
  • I am so upset at my mother. It is almost 1 month since our wedding and we do not have our photos yet because she waited until 2 weeks AFTER the wedding to MAIL this man the check. Ugh! So not fair.
  • Were getting a disc from our guy.. I plan to make one probably from shutterfly, but like one of the leather bound, lay flat, super premium ones... but thats only because I havent looked into other options.. I also have a few different coupon codes for a Free photobook and 50% off others from them 
  • We paid for the rights to all our pictures so we got 5 CDs filled with them!!!! We also paid to have our photographer design an album for us and one for each of our sets of parents. I debated doing the albums myself but our photographer does such an amazing job!!!
    We're planning on ordering a large canvas print of our favorite picture for over our fireplace. There's groupons all the time for those so ill check that out.

  • Well for now I'm waiting impatiently just to get pictures back :-P But I'm planning to make photobooks for us, his parents, my mom, and my dad. I used mixbook for our engagement photobook & my boudoir photobook and am definitely happy with them so I'll probably use it again. And then I guess I'll get some printed at walmart or costco and I also want to blow up a couple of canvases :-)
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