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Not getting a response from vendor

So we thought we had hired an officiant . I sent her an email over three days ago and she has not responded:( I haven't sent the deposit because no address or amount has been confirmed. Should I run or give her more time? Granted the wedding is not until May, but I think it is unprofessional to wait more that forty eight hours to respond and/or have an automated response if you are away.

We had a hard time finding am officiant that would go to our venue and I may still have time to hire the other one we met with.



Re: Not getting a response from vendor

  • I would wait a few more days. She may be on vacation. I know it's frustrating! But like you said, you have plenty of time.
  • Is e-mail the only way you have to reach her?  I would try leaving her a voicemail as well.  Sometimes e-mails get sent to people's junk folder and they don't find for days (or ever). You can also try reaching out to her through her website if she has a contact form that you can fill out.  Good luck!
  • We have met with her and have had other email communications. The last contact was letting her know that we wanted to hire her and what address to send the deposit. I left her a voicemail this morning. I know we have plenty of time but I spent a good month contacting JPs and officiants and only two were available and willing to travel. My fear is that the other officiant we met with will no longer be available if I wait too long. Plus, if she is causing this much of a headache before the deposit is sent I can't imagine the wedding day.......
  • I'd give her a week. If this is what she does for a living, she may be busy since it's wedding season.
  • Waiting three days should not be giving you a headache at all. People are very busy, it's deep in the wedding season plus they have their own lives. And now it's the weekend. If the vendor is worth anything, they wont let someone else book your date while you're in the middle of negotiating without telling you first- and if they do, be thankful because you probably didn't want them anyway.
  • dont worry. I also would wait. a lot of people are on vacations and if the vendor has a family, I am sure they won't answer during the weekends.  
  • LilyRose82LilyRose82 member
    edited August 2013
    I would try to contact her via telephone.   Maybe she didn't see your email but I wouldn't get upset
  • She finally responded in which she increased her price by $100 and stated she had sent an email
  • That's not cool. Did u ask for rehearsal dinner also? Maybe that's why her rate went up? I would ask why if nothing has changed and then look at other vendors.
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  • But didn't you just say in your OP that no amount had been confirmed?  How do you know she increased the price?
  • But didn't you just say in your OP that no amount had been confirmed?  How do you know she increased the price?
    I think the poster meant no deposit amount had been confirmed. 

  • That is correct no deposit amount had been confirmed but the price was given during our initial meeting. It was written down for us, not just verbal
  • Ohh ok I was just confused
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