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It doesn't seem like brides post here very often! Is there another board that I'm missing somewhere?

Re: Other Local Discussion Boards

  • I post here on occasion; but I usually lurk on my month board unless I need something Austin-specific!

    Have you tried posting in the public forums yet?
  • The national boards are very intimidating to me... haha. I lurk but haven't really posted. It's too bad this board doesn't get much action anymore. 
  • The other boards aren't too bad, depending on which one(s) you post to.

    Attire and Accessories is always helpful, and I've never really felt anyone was rude to me there.  Chit Chat isn't bad either.  I've heard Etiquette is one to avoid because the women can get bitchy.  I like to read Snarky Brides for the LOLz.  And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my month board!!!! 

    LOVE my month board.  :)
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