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August 2013 Weddings


Wondering who is out there with the same date as me. Where are you in the planning? Has it all hit you yet?
I'm feeling so excited but so behind on details!!!

Re: 8/31/13

  • me me me. and im pretty good with the planning all I have are last min details i actually just got nervouse thinking tomorrow its 27 days and that will go by really fast so gotta stay on top of things  


    TTC starting 8/2014 :)

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  • We do! Almost everything is done so now it's all last minute details. Triple checking everything so that we don't miss something. I've got to start working on the day of time line and FI still has to find the gifts for his guys but that's about it. :D

    So excited!! My friend's wedding was yesterday. She gave me a big hug and said, "You're next!!!" :D
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  • That's ours too! We still have a huge to do list, but it's mostly small things. I had it all planned out with a to do list for each month, but then I had a death in my family and really just couldn't deal with doing much for the wedding the month of July, so I'm behind where I wanted to be. We'll get it done though, and anything that doesn't get done isn't really anything totally necessary anyway!
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  • Me too!!! Down to 25 days!! Wahoo!!
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  • I am!!! yes 25 days today...other than some small DIY projects and getting jewelry everything is just about complete....Ive had some major events happen in my life the last 2 weeks which is slowing me down but Im glad everything major is complete and now its just down to really getting all the vendors their payments.
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  • Boy oh boy! We did a last minute reception venue change, and we still have to get them their money. The guys are just getting into their suits. I've been making ribbon-rose bouquets (we aren't doing floral) and I've had a tough time balancing wedding work with work-work for the last month or so... I feel like there is still so much to buy or rent! dinnerware and napkins still needs to be decided (not provided with food or with venue) draperies for the outdoor wedding venue need to be found, and I still need to finish putting together table numbers and centerpieces... (forget about seating charts!) oof... the stress is starting to hit me!
  • Same date here!  I wish I knew about the August Weddings board earlier.  I have been posting in the other sections.

  • Still so  much to do!
  • It has hit me this month, Im excited and it was like its August!!! We got a few things still but we did just get our marriage license so thats big!! :-) I hope we all have wonderful days!!! :-)
  • I'm so excited for you ladies!!
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  • I am another aug 31 st bride. I can not wait. It's getting so close. It's starting to sink in but has not fully hit me yet. Maybe next week when we puck up the tickets for the honeymoon. Good luck with all your finally details ladies.
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  • I'm also August 31. It's definitely hitting me! My period started two weeks early (first time on birth control or stress?) I am excited and a little crazed. The to do list is down to the front of one page though! (Unless I'm forgetting something!) 
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  • UP TO MY EYEBROWS IN GLITTER AND RIBBON!!! One week to go, scheduled to leave home to go to my hometown where the wedding will take place on Monday. Trying to finish most of my DIY projects before I go... holy moley! Also dealing with some hair questions... not sure yet what i'm doing there....
    I was finally able to breathe and start to just enjoy it today though. Talking to the officiant, and hearing the vows that we will be speaking next Saturday almost made me cry, and snapped me back to reality. I love my hubby!
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