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Help!! I am majorly freaking out

Yesterday I put 25% down on a ball gown (you must put 50% down on a dress in order for it to be ordered. I didn't put all 50 down because my wedding is still 2 years away). At my appointment I asked to be put in the 9003 allure ball gown that looks like pnina tornai ball gown. For some reason the consultant did not ever bring the ball gown back so I assumed she didn't have it. I ended up putting 25% down on a much less expensive allure ball gown that, with many alterations, could be made to look like the allure gown I really wanted (It would probably come out to the same price anyway!). When I got home I went to the shops website and saw that they DO carry the 9003 gown I wanted and just didnt show it to me! Since I only put the amount down in order to "lock in" a dress, and not to order, will I be able to buy the one they did not bring back for me to try on? Also, if they do, will my deposit go towards the other dress? I am so frustrated, I don't know what to do with myself. 

Re: Help!! I am majorly freaking out

  • These questions are for the store management. No one here can speak for them.
  • Of your wedding is 2 years away, you are probably dress shopping way too early. The styles can go out of production by then, you can change sizes, and your tastes can completely change. Is there any way to get that money back? Heck...the store can go out of business in the next 2 years (stranger things have happened)
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  • Well you lock a gown into place, so you are notified if the dress is being discontinued and they HAVE to still make one for you. The store has been around for about 80 years so it isn't going anywhere. And I have to buy this far in advance because I will be studying abroad for the next year and unable to do any wedding planning. 
  • In any case, call the store and ask them. How would any of us know this particular store's policies?
  • I really don't know why you'd even ask that here -- Just call and ask THEM!
  • Another vote for call the store. 
  • I say talk to the store manager about it. Since your wedding is 2 years away, you may just find an even better one.
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  • Call the store
  • I agree with the PP's about asking the store BUT, when I chose a dress and put a small deposit down, i was able to back into the shop and chose a different dress, putting the deposit to the new dress. Hopefully since the deposit was 25% and the dress wasn't ordered, the shop will be happy to help you (after all, the shop still hopes to make a sale...)

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