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I am from San Diego but getting married at a Winery in Temecula in October. I need help/suggestions with 2 things: where to get food from for our rehershal dinner and where to get my nails done in Temecula?? We are renting a house and hosting the dinner there so need something for about 35 people for $10 per person that tastes yummy.

Also a great nail salon for my bridesmaids and myself. I have no idea where to strat on these two. Thank you for your help!!

Re: Temecula Help/Questions

  • We're getting married in temecula too and also not from that area.  We're planning a trip out there next month to look at different venues, including a winery.  All I have set in stone is my photographer so far, which is probably the most important thing to me.  So exciting! At which winery are you guys getting married?  I'd love to check it out while we're there.  Thanks!
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