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Outdoor Bridal Show!

I'm planning on attending an outdoor wedding and wine festival in September at Nesselrod Bed and Breakfast. Any suggestions for a first time bridal show go-er? 

Re: Outdoor Bridal Show!

  • Although I'm not sure where Nesselrod B & B is located (these are international boards), a bridal show and wine festival sounds fun. I went to one bridal show when I was engaged, and I used it mostly as an opportunity to figure out what I didn't want in a vendor...for instance, I talked to several DJs and I realized I didn't want someone who was going to be out on the dance floor all night, trying to force people to dance, or talking into the mic all night. If you haven't really started talking to vendors yet, use it as an opportunity to get a feel for what you like and don't like.
  • elBecko said:
    I feel like PP had good advice. I also went to one bridal show, before I even started planning my wedding. That was when I figured out that I didn't want a fancy, formal wedding.  

    Also keep in mind that vendors are there to sell you things. There were services advertised at the show I attended that I would have never thought of (like tanning packages) but they were trying to convince me that my wedding wouldn't be complete without them. Also, do not give out any contact information at any point in the show, because I can almost guarantee that some of the vendors will sell your information. 
    Yeah, all of this. Or, if you do sign up for stuff, make an email adddress ahead of time like alyceandfiancewedding@blahblahblah, so that your regular email isn't getting spammed with wedding crap. That's one thing I wish I would have done, because I'm still getting residual wedding junk emails.
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