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DIY Makeup Products?

I'm a readhead with oily skin that's pretty pale and a tight budget. What products should I get? I don't normally wear makeup.

I know I need a primer but I heard that a facial moisturizer works okay too in a pinch. Does it? I currently use Ponds Dry Skin Cream because along with oily skin I also have dry patches on my face. Seriously, my face it a mess sometimes. ^^'

What brand foundation would work for all day stay? Liquid?
Loose translucent powder to set it?
Should I go with lip gloss? Lip stick (not a fan), or a lip stain (never used one before)?

I'm going to get brown waterproof mascara and brown eye liner and I'm thinking a light rose colored blush.

Again, my budget is tight since we actually didn't budget for it, but my makeup artist/friend isn't working out. I've looked up various products but some of these things are just too expensive. Spending $30 on any 1 of these things is just too much when I have to get all of it.
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Re: DIY Makeup Products?

  • Start by having an amazing cleanser, toner (if needed), and moisturizer. If you have dry skin patches (I did this for a bit and it helped) I'd put on the dry skin the dry skin moisturizer and the one for oily skin on the oily area. Beware when doing this.

    Do masks at least once a week. If you go to Walgreens or where ever I'm sure you'll find some there.

    Once your skin is prepared you start by doing the following:

    Concealer (liquid)

    Eye make up: (do this first because if it messed up it's easier to clean)
    Eye liner

    Foundation (I use liquid) - go to different make up stores and ask if they have free trials for you to try and see which works best for you.

    Blush or bronzer (powder of course)

    Eye brow gel (I do this one I do my foundation just in case) I personally don't color my eye brows. When I'm done I just brush them (I do that with the gel).

    Lips: (I typically mix mine)
    Then lipgloss
  • General tips:

    You can only pick one "dramatic". Either your eyes are dramatic or your lips. If you make them both pop out it'll just look odd.

    For pictures (especially when there's a lot of flash) you need to add more make up than usual for it show in the pictures. Ask your photographer if you'll need to do this (depends on how she takes the pictures).

    Make sure your lips aren't chapped. Keep them moisturizer. Use chopsticks in the week to come and exfoliate them if necessary.

    Test out your make up skills. Try on to see what works and what doesn't.

    Go online to find make up tutorial videos that teach you how to apply make up on properly and professionally.

    Use proper brushes and/ or sponges.
  • I possibly have just the product you need! I raise my niece who like you is very pale, K has freckles too, and due to her being so pale I bought two colors of Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation in very pale from Avon's make-up line Mark. It's a very natural powder foundation that you can use over liquid or alone but it gives a very soft glowing look to your skin and you can't tell that someone's wearing it unless they leave lines by their ears or chin. You can Google it and read a lot of reviews on it. If you'd like to give it a try I can mail you one of the very pale shades of powder (for free) and it is a full size, brand new compact. Kelly is the only fair skinned person in our family and since she's not interested in it, it's just taking up space. I do sell Avon & Mark so I can order another one at anytime for her. I would be honored to help out another bride too! If you are interested I'm sure I have a few other products I can send too, all for free I'm just happy to help! Just message me if you're interested or my email is
  • Moisturizer does not work as a primer (unless specifically formulated to), but is still a super important step. Some people swear by Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel as a primer. 

    If you don't normally wear make up and need some ideas of what to do and how to apply, Youtube is your friend. There are a TON of great make up tutorials on there. A lot of these will tell you what specific products they used. 

    You can also find cheaper duplicates of a lot of expensive make up products. Just googled whatever the product name is and duplicate. Make sure you read reviews of the cheaper products. There is no point in getting cheaper dupes if it turns out to be a crappy product.

    Whatever you decide to use, make sure you try it all on your skin well in advance to make sure it doesn't irritate your skin (and if it does, that you have time to recover from it before the wedding). 

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