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Icing woes

My fiance and I do not like buttercream icing. It's too heavy and sweet for our taste. Neither of us has tried fondant, but we're thinking we'll have the same issue. We did find a cake maker who is willing to do cream cheese icing on the cake, but the decorations will have to be done in either buttercream or fondant, which we understand an are okay with.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Is there a way your cake baker worked around it? Are there specific questions we should ask when we have our appointment?

Re: Icing woes

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Fondant, IMO, is not edible (well it is but it is disgusting).  It is mainly used as a way to make the cake look pretty but is not meant to really be eaten unless you like the taste of crisco.

    A good baker can use regular icing (either cream cheese or buttercream) look just as good as fondant covered cake.  As for questions to ask, I would let your baker know that you and your FI do not like buttercream because of the reasons you provided but I would still try their different icings because bakery buttercream tends to be less sweet then food store or out of the jar buttercream.  I would also take in a few pictures of what you would like your cake to look like and he should be able to let you know what can and cannot be done as far as decorations go.

  • Fondant is not meant to be delicious, it's meant to give cakes a polished look. If you decided to use it, your baker would make your cake as you wanted it - cake and frosting - and then lay the fondant over it. When you eat it, you'll just peel the fondant off. Fondant is edible, but it's not tasty. 

    That said, get whatever frosting you want. It's just going under the fondant anyway so it doesn't matter what kind it is. If you want a really polished look, get fondant.

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    Depending on the look you want for your cake, you can also ask about a whipped cream based frosting. It's less sweet than buttercream, but can be difficult to get smooth. I did it on a wedding cake with a textured design and the couple really liked it. Here's a pic.

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary 5 Answers

    Ok that didn't seem to work so let me try again:


  • I didn't realize how the fondant was used. We probably just skip that. Seems silly to pay for something no one is going to want to eat.

    We're big fans of the whipped cream topping, but I didn't think that would be an option. We'll be sure to ask.
  • American buttercream is disgusting.  Have you tried a merengue buttercream, like Swiss or Italian merengue buttercream?  It's got a different texture.  Sweetness can be controlled by the baker by how much sugar they add (this is true of any type of frosting).
  • I think even if the buttercream wasn't sweet, it'd still be too heavy. But as you and others have suggested, the specific icing the baker makes may taste different. We will have to see.
  • I will caution you with whipped cream icing. My cousin got married in summer and her cake pretty much melted (it was inside). When you go in for your appt. ask the baker about that and what they do to protect it.  

    Ask them to see albums and examples of non-fondant designs and ask them what icing they used for each example. Then when you arrange your tasting, ask to taste the ones that produced the design you liked best. 

  • Have you thought about a naked cake?  It's what my FI and I are doing.   It's got all kinds of creams and jams and other yummy things between the layers but no icing or fondant on the outside.  
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  • a naked cake is an idea... I'd hadn't thought of that
  • heidirs731heidirs731 member
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    For me, the icing is an essential part of the cake, which is why I'm having doubts about the naked cake, although with fillings and things, it'd probably be great. But if the icing isn't good IMO, then neither is the cake. And if the cake isn't good, then there's no reason in getting one.

    And it's not just me and my fiance who don't like buttercream, my parents don't either, and there's a lot of people in both our families who can't eat over-sweet things, buttercream icing falling in that category. But as many people have pointed out, the cake maker's buttercream might be different.
  • We has buttercream and it was so darn delicious! I can't stand fondant so our sea shells an flowers were made from white chocolate.
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  • That looks yummy! :D
  • It was sooooo good!
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  • Whipped cream is an amazing alternative but like pp said it will melt if left outside. The wedding we went to that had it was indoors and they cut the cake right away so we could have it for dessert.
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  • I would really suggest you consider the Swiss or Italian buttercream Meringue pp suggested.  It is far less sweet.  I personally adore icing and a naked cake would make me very, very sad.  I look forward to the cake far more than the meal.  Lucky for me, DH isn't a cake guy so I get his too!
  • We're having cupcakes for those who MUST have icing.  This is our cake, btw.
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  • I'm new and butting in because I work at a bakery as a wedding consultant and I stare at cake all day every day :)

      If you really hate the Buttercream then stick with whipped cream , although keep in mind that all the previous information about it melting is 100% true, plus it is dairy-based and it will go bad (like a glass of milk) if it sits out too long, even before it melts, so I usually steer my brides away from it. You do not want your guests to remember your wedding because of the food poisoning they went home with! 

    The naked cakes can be gorgeous and super delicious (Whoever came up with that was a genius with excellent taste!), but I'll give you an insider tip, be absolutely positive that your bakery is making it that day, because typically it is baked 3+ days before your event, and if it is left un-iced it will be super duper dry, I've been to a couple events where that has happened and it was sad.

    ***You ladies all give such excellent advice, I'm  looking forward to bouncing around some ideas for my own wedding as the planning moves along!
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  • In a wonderful world of cake, there are many icing these days....if you donot want buttercream,there are other icings to do......



    Then structure by looking at actual work.

    Everything in contract.


  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    In a wonderful world of cake?

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