The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm

Hello all! I wanted to share a new venue with everyone that I went to look at this past weekend- it's called The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm in Griswold. ( It is an absolutely GORGEOUS choice for anyone looking for a rustic outdoor wedding! It took me 6 weeks of searching online before I even came across the name of the location ( I felt like the same places came up everytime I tried a new search, and nothing was quite clicking with me). It only opened at the beginning of June, so it's BRAND NEW. My Fiance and I both fell in love with it the moment we got up there.

Definitely check it out if you want a country setting!!!

Re: The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm

  • Hi, I'm from stonington and felt the same thing about searching for venues. Did you end up going with the overlook? Or do you have any other information like a site fee? I really want our reception in my fiancé's sister's backyard but we need a ceremony site. This place is 10 minutes away from her house an looks gorgeous!! Any other info you have would be great!! Thanks
  • Erubin10, I recently had contacted them, and while the place is gorgeous it is too pricey for me. The site fee for 2014 is $5,000.00 Good luck!
  • Hi Erubin10
    We ended up not going with The Overlook, it's too far from where we live in CT for it to make sense, as well as the price point. Like Willow said, the Price was $5,000 for the location, tent, tables, and chairs (they had not yet priced for 2015 when I asked, however Bo said he would honor the 2014 price for 2015 for me). You might want to check with him to see if there's a Ceremony only price he's willing to consider! There wouldn't be the tent to set up, as well as no need for a staff member to be there long hours, so he might be willing to negotiate a price for you!

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks for your responses. I went there today with my sister and absolutely love it! It's $500 for holding just the ceremony there which includes chairs and the use of the shuttle. We mentioned how much we wish we could afford to do the ceremony there, and I jokingly asked if there was a military discount. I booked my ceremony there on the spot today. Then emailed Bo to see about using the tent if it rains. He told me at that point it'd make more sense to hold the whole reception there, and I again stated that I wish I could. He quoted me $3200 for the reception fee, use of a smaller tent (not the sailcloth one), tables, chairs, the shuttle, and the fire pit! He also mentioned one of their caterers who work really well with brides on a budget. Now, we're definitely having the ceremony there but we might have the reception as well! I'm so excited, he's so easy to get in contact with. When we got there he didn't have much to say about the place, it really just speaks for itself which is a great change from the vendors who from the time you meet until the time you're in your car are like salesmen. 
  • ps: i changed my username but it's still the same person :)
  • That's excellent-Congratulations!! I'm so happy I posted something about the location even though we ended up going with something else instead - keep us updated on how everything goes!!! :D

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