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Photographer in Asheville?

I'm getting married in Asheville at The Biltmore this December and looking for suggestions for photographers. I don't mind making an investment (to a point) but this is only going to be an event for 20-25 people and I live out of town so I don't need 2 photographers, engagement session, etc etc etc. And even on the day-of I don't need/want 8 hours of photography documenting my every move. Thoughts?

Re: Photographer in Asheville?

  • @mmm4763 Sending you a private message - may have some suggestions for you based on your wedding date! I used to live in that area and know a few folks but of course if the date is closer to the holidays it might be a little trickier to find someone.
  • @Mmm---Congratulations! When are you getting married in December? We're getting married on 12/28..right down the street from you at The Grand Bohemian. Crazy question...but have you checked Craigslist? We are having a friend take our pictures and a friend who is officiating as well. Who is your baker, if I may ask? You are the FIRST bride I've met that's getting married in Asheville! (We're from Tampa Bay Area in Florid)
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  • Hi @Asheville122813---congrats to you as well! 

    We are getting married Sunday, 12/8. We just recently set the date and so have started looking at photography. I've been googling (and looking at The Biltmore's "recommended" vendor list) but any direction is MUCH appreciated. I have not even thought about Craigslist but will have to check that out--with so many creative folks in the Asheville (and surrounding areas), I know there has got to be someone that can share the vision and not break the bank at the same time!

    We are fortunate that Biltmore catering also takes care of the cake. We can choose from a wide variety of flavors and can present our design (within reason) but one less vendor to deal with.

    Who is doing your flowers? (I'm really just in need of a bouquet)
  • @mmm4763.....Well, my friend is doing our photography...but I know there are plenty of Photographers in the area....seriously..check Craigslist....The "good" ones keep posting ads...I had tried a few...but with a really small wedding like ours, and for the time frame, I just can't see spending $800.  Some photographers will do an hourly many guests are you having?

    In regards to my flowers, believe it or not when I was visiting my sister in Illinois, there is a bridal shop in her area (Minooka) that makes an acrylic i can keep it FOREVER...real flowers die...nice memories and all, but again...nothing but pictures are left.  I am not "into" the brooch bouquet, although beautiful....Do you have all your wedding planning done....I'm just finishing up the invitations with my vendor..she's fantastic...I actually had won 50 free invitations from attending a bridal know how expensive invites can be??!?!!?  wowzers!

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  • I sent you a private message.
  • We're using Marshall Graham Photography and love him. I have two other friends since who have also booked him. We have him booked for our May 2014 wedding and already used him for our engagement photos which turned out great. I also have my bridal shoot scheduled with him. Check out his work.
  • I am getting married in January! We are using a professional photographer and friend. His name is Donald Latham Photography. You can check and see if he is available
  • Would love to know how you feel about the Biltmore  after your wedding if  you have a chance to post. Which venue are you using there?
  • I definitely hope/plan to post after my wedding :)

    We're doing ceremony and reception in the Champagne Cellar. 

    @VickiGK--are you getting married there? Or otherwise looking at venues?
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