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April Wedding - Green grass?

Hi All! 

Working on picking out a wedding venue and date... There is a place that we really like (a golf course in Prior Lake) that offers great rates if you choose a date in April.  We would pick the last weekend in April 2015.  We are seriously considering it, but I am concerned about if there will be any leaves on the trees yet or if the grass will be green.  Granted, I know there is always the chance it could snow... but if the weather is fairly average - could there be leaves and green grass by then??


  • There definitely could be green grass by then but you never know with the weird few years of weather we've been having.  Do they have an indoor option you could explore?
  • It is very rare for the grass to be green and leaves on the trees in April. Usually the buds on the trees come out in early May. Sorry...
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