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Ceremony/Venue Ideas for an Intimate (20ppl) Wedding

Hello!  I am planning an intimate wedding for just our close family - about 20 people max.  We'd like to get married this winter, on a Saturday evening, and prefer to have the (brief) ceremony and reception (sit down dinner) in one location, but are flexible on that if we find the perfect venues.

I've done quite a bit of research since getting engaged a few weeks ago, and the one place that keeps coming up is WA Frost, which could be an option, but I'd like to know what else is out there for us!  Any ideas?

Re: Ceremony/Venue Ideas for an Intimate (20ppl) Wedding

  • Have you checked out Cafe Lurcat? It's a beautiful space.
  • Loring Pasta Bar has a great space for this!
  • We're in the same conundrum. I'm considering WA Frost, the Dakota Jazz Club, one of the penthouse suites at the Graves 601 hotel and the 5120 Restaurant. I've heard about the Bachelor Farmer, Happy Gnome, Restaurant Alma, Nicollet Island Inn and the Dining Studio.
  • Of those, I couldn't imagine there being enough space for the wedding ceremony at Bachelor Farmer or Restaurant Alma...the seating is pretty cramped at those places as it is.

    Nicollet Island Inn could be really cool, though. They do have more space than the others.
  • Thanks for the responses! We have settled on WA Frost. They just have their act together for a small wedding and the food is amazing!
  • Good choice!
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