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Makeup by Nikki?

Anyone work with Makeup by Nikki out of Plymouth, MA?

Re: Makeup by Nikki?

  • Never hear of Nikki before, but I just booked with Liz Fuller from HIngham.  My friend who is also getting married read a lot about her on this site and referred me to her after she had her trial with her. I had my trial last week and was very happy with the result.  SHe did a great job---really listened to what I wanted/did not want and I booked her immediately.  I know she has a lot of wedding not sure when yours is, but give her a call!  or check out her website:  Good luck!!!!
  • I am having a trial with Liz too.  Need recs on hair, though

  • What did you think of her? Does she do a good job? Heavy or light on the makeup? What is her cost?
  • @cmperry17 I did have my trial with Liz and she did a great job!  So natural and fresh.  Not heavy at all.  Just the right amount.  It didn't feel like I had anything on my face, which I hate.  It was all just perfect.  She charges $50 for the trial.  And $120 on the wedding day.  I was thrilled!
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