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Outdoor Ceremony and Cocktail Hour in March (in Maryland)?!

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I would like to get some input as to whether or not and outdoor ceremony would be do-able for the last weekend in March. My fiance and I originally set a wedding date at a venue on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland for September 2013, but have since had to push the wedding back. The venue has an opening the last weekend in March and we would really like to still have it there, however we are a bit concerned about the temperature and atmosphere of the venue in late March. The average high/low for this time of year is 62/41 degrees. Is this too cold for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour? Will flowers and trees be blooming by then? Or will it have the feel of a winter wedding? The reception will be indoors.


Re: Outdoor Ceremony and Cocktail Hour in March (in Maryland)?!

  • I searched average temp for Maryland in March and it doesn't look promising:

    If you do this, I would rent a tent and put heaters in it for the ceremony. Or can you push it back til next September and have it indoors?

  • March in the Northeast is very unpredictable. For example, St. Patrick's Day 2012 was 75 degrees and sunny; St. Patrick's Day this year was snowing. So you can have snow, rain, sleet, sun, wind. March is probably the least predictable month, actually. And no, the flowers and trees probably won't be blooming by then. It's early spring, so it won't feel like winter either. It's kind of this weird in between time. None of which is to say you shouldn't get married then. Just have a good indoor back-up plan!
  • I grew up in Southern PA, near the Maryland border. Temperatures in March are all over the board, with very little predictability. Since there is still a high chance of frost during that time of year, it's likely that there won't be very many flowers blooming, and if we get a late snow, the grass usually doesn't look its best. In addition, we will have just changed the clocks for daylight savings time, so if you're planning a late afternoon cermony, it could be pretty chilly since it still gets dark fairly early. If you're dead set on an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour with lots of greenery growing, I'd look into other dates. Otherwise, plan to rent a tent and heaters just in case the weather sucks.
  • I live in Maryland and like PP said it is the most unpredictable month as far as weather goes.  And unless we have unusually warm weather for the rest of March nothing will be in bloom.  It will look like winter and feel (maybe) like spring.  Also beware of downpours and high winds so definitely have a good back up plan.  That being said you could luck out and have an absolutely gorgeous day :)
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    As most of the pp's pointed out, March is highly unpredicable and can be chilly with a dreary landscape.  If you are dead set on an outdoor ceremony I would suggest doing it mid-afternoon (start around 2pm), to capture as much of those warm sun rays as you can during your ceremony and cocktail hour.  Make sure you pick decor that can work with this time of year to keep the wedding looking pulled together and uniform.

    Good luck!

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