Prices for winery venue in Napa.

We're looking into wineries throughout California. I wanted to know if any of you ha some prices and recommended venues. Thanks!

Re: Prices for winery venue in Napa.

  • I am not getting married at a winery but I did research quite a few of them when we looked at venues in Sonoma, Napa, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara. I am curious what your budget for venue is because I will be honest that in Napa, the venue rentals can be very expensive. Some places were upwards of $20,000 just for the venue! Other wine country options are Sonoma, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara and Temecula. 

    We ended up being priced out of a winery but are still getting married in Sonoma. How many guests are you planning for?
  • We're going to look around at other venues too.  Probably around 5k for the venue, maybe more. 20k - That's a little ridiculous!  We're anticipating around 40 guests, hopefully less.
  • Let me look through all the notes I made on venues and see what I can find, but I would suggest you check out our venue too because it would fit into your budget.  We are getting married at Ramekins Culinary School right near the Sonoma square and the venue rental is $4000-$5000 depending on the season.. I would also check out the herecomestheguide dot com website since they list a lot of venue rental and meal pricing on their website.

    The good thing is you have a smaller wedding in mind.
  • Okay...I remember we wanted to look at Gloria Ferrer but didn't ever make it because we fell in love with our venue. The site fee is not too bad (starting at 3K). I would also check out Viansa and Merryvale as well. In Sonoma, I liked Cline Cellars and Jaccuzi. 

    Paso Robles is an intersting area. I don't know what time of year you are thinking but it is VERY hot during the summer. My sister attended a wedding at one of the wineries there and all the power went out! It was 105 degrees and people were so hot. There are some cute wineries there and it's much more of "country" feeling than Napa or Sonoma.

    I went to school in Santa Barbara, so the Santa Ynez area is special to me. Most of the wineries are private or smaller ones over there, so I am not sure about holding weddings. 

    If you are willing to look at non-winery options, I would seriously suggest check out Ramekins in Sonoma because for the price it's awesome and the food is AMAZING! I also attended a wedding at Silverado Country Club in Napa just a month ago and it was very nice. I looked at their website and I think it would likely fit what you are looking for. 
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