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it's anonymous vent time!

the rules: it can be about anyone: here in fakeworld, or in real life. no names, please. just start yelling what you actually want to say to this person/pet/inanimate object (yeah, copier, I GOT MY EYEZ ON YOU.)


Re: it's anonymous vent time!

  • i would give you $5 for each meeting we attend where you shut up and don't make it about you. i am so sick of hearing about your stupid, white trash life and the moronic choices you make each and every day and night. 

    the topic of the meeting is WORK, not cute things your kid/dog/husband did (they are not cute; they are stupid).
  • Yes you went hiking and sprained your ankle, your husband better carry your ass down the side of the fricking mountain. What do you think he's gonna do? Leave your ass up there and say "Oh your broken I get a new wife". That is so not above and beyond. Stop talking about your marriage because no one cares. No one needs to know about your sex problems. Just stop talking.
  • Will you kindly listen to me when I tell you what she is and isn't able to do? If you hold a spoon in front of her she will not lean forward to take a bite off of it. She's not motivated by food and she's not able to get food off of a spoon without help. Just LISTEN to me and I can show you how to be involved in the feeding process. She's also not something to be afraid of. She's like any other kid - just behind her age group. 

  • you smell, and every time you come to my space, you make it smell, too. it's terrible.
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  • I love this thread. We need one everyday
  • I really have to pee and I need somebody to watch the damn phone. I am a receptionist, not a piece of dog crap on your shoe, so you people need to stop treating me otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Stop humming.  Stop bitching about the copier.  Stop bitching about the stapler. Just.  Stop.  Bitching.  
  • you have the worst taste i have ever seen. i mean, do you not own a mirror? i already know you don't have any self-respect but way to show it to the world!

    do not wear that "blazer" (Lord, what a loathsome object), that necklace and those shoes together or separately again. EVER.

    and every single one of those colors should be removed from your closet. yes, even in underwear.
  • i know you are a big fancy designer, but when you bring your style to a midrange retailer, they sure do midrange the hell out of it, no? couldn't you have said something?
  • Take responsibility and do something about it. Don't leave me to clean up your messes. Or even OUR messes. If we each had a part in it, then we both need to work it out and clean it up. It's not a one way street!
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    Really?  REALLY?  You don't show up at work for TWO EFFING DAYS after you drop the ball on something.  I spend ALL DAY doing your job instead of mine, rescuing the event from the bowels of heck and you decide when you do finally show up that your way of dealing with the end-product problem is better than the method that 4 people came up with?
    Please tell us how we're going to implement your 'improved' plan B before 5 am tomorrow morning, given that the custodial people who were part of planning the original Plan A have left for the day and aren't going to be checking their emails when they arrive at 4 am.

    Although, the fact that you've given notice is going to make fall a living hell, I am so damn glad.

  • Stop freaking micromanaging everything I do and let me do my dang job! And WTF was up with you getting your panties in a wad over me "working too hard"!? When was hard work deemed undesirable? Would you rather me sit around on the clock texting, eating, and just screwing off like the other 75% of the staff? Aside from the clientele, you are the absolute worst part of working here, and everyone hates you since you got that promotion. Just go away. Do us all a favor and transfer.

  • Now I want to know who Hmo is talking about, re: the designer.  So many choices.

    My vent:

    yeah, your mom is a crazy crackwhore.  We all know this, and yet you still hope she'll be normal.  Also, your sister is quickly joining her in crazyville, so no...please don't ask her to be a bridesmaid because that would require me to handle her stupid ass.
  • Honestly, if you don't to use our cloth diapers it is fine. The other day care will. Do not sit there and grill us about why we use them and wouldn't we'd rather just use disposables? That would be a no. And we don't believe you when you say you will "give it a try." That means the same thing as your whole "prepay and save 20 bucks weekly! But I forgot to mention that is only the first month."
  • You suck at selling. I get that your last position was in a department where customers expect to be told what to buy and do so happily. I get that you never had to "listen" to customers before, you confused the hell out of them with tech specs, they leave convinced they bought the best thing they could with their money, and are happy, at least until the shit breaks down two months later cause you have no scruples in letting customers buy shit. This doesn't work with mattresses. Your inability to do the most basic task is costing the rest of us sales. It's been months, you're more then a $1000 in the hole, useless at every task. You can't even call customers to let them know their stuff is in! You leave it for other people to do! It's the only job that you can handle, and you don't want to do it. You can't move an end table without passing out! It's bullshit that I get stuck putting new furniture out while you dick around and play lottery. And oh yeah, you walk every customer away because everything has to be about you. You couldn't sell a glass of water in the middle of the Sahara, because by the time you finished talking, your customer would be dead of thirst.


    Thank you I needed that.

  • No one cares about your manic bipolar person and it's all your own fault.  You are a wrenched human being and I have nothing but disdain and horror for you.  Get therapy, get medication, whatever it is you need to be a fully functioning human being.  Until then, bemoaning your state in life, which is far better off than 89% of this country, will not steal one tear from the desert in my eye.
  • @6fsn Hahahahahahahaha.  Poor Max!
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    @VarunaTT- I moved the food to the dining room and now the cat can't find it, but Max sure can.

  • IDK if it'll make you feel better, but apparently MIL had the same problem with DH and Milkbones.  I also don't know if I can tell you he turned out all might depend on the day.  :)
  • Stop talking you bigoted ignorant brat.  I can't stand your constant droning for one more second.  Trust me when I tell you that you are not everything you think you are and will never be in charge if you are this rude to everyone you meet.
  • Stop bouncing your leg up and down at your desk.  I am on the other side of the cube wall and the floor is vibrating.  I get that you drank atleast 6 cups of coffee so far today, but the bouncing is driving me crazy!  Also, that little ball of tape you keep rolling in your fingers?  Yeah, you obviously can't hear it crinkle-ing with your earbuds in but I can, even with my music turned up.  It sounds like we have a mouse in here.  STOP IT! 
  • Stop with the vague emails and voice mails before I scream.  You can tell me what you need to talk to me about when you leave a voice mail.  That way, I can come prepared for the conversation.  Plus, sending me emails that say "come to my office asap" make me feel like I'm in trouble.  It's obnoxious and everyone hates it.
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  • in case you did not know, we are not friends. every time you open your mouth to complain about your stupid, pathetic problems, you have no idea how hard i am rolling my eyes. sadly, socialization compels me to make understanding noises.

    really,your lack of self-awareness is just staggering, i think you are a horrible person (like, down diggity in the soul), and i wish you would just go away.

    two more things:
    you are turning into your mother. yes, i went there.
    your husband and children are busted. (that one is for you old schoolers)
  • You know, I really am sorry if my unfriending your husband on FB b/c I don't agree with his political posts has upset you to the point that you would end our friendship.  It does hurt my feelings.  When we're all together personally, we don't have any issues re: politics b/c we don't talk about it.  I didn't ask him to change his FB style, I just didn't want to see it.  But I don't think either one of us is changing our mind.  So, there you go.
  • You all bitched and moaned that all she does is talk about her kid nonstop. Now she's having number 2 and its suddenly "lets put something together for her!" Why? What about me? I'm feeling less and less bad about moving on with this.
  • @oface4eva, it's jonathan adler at jc penney. it's petty but whatever -- it's been eating at me.
  • Thanks for being so obviously judgy that I admitted I ate half a raw tuna roll three times in my entire pregnancy. 
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  • ali, i only said something because i wanted the other half.
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