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My fiance and I are looking into using Jag Studios for both wedding and engagement photography.  I was just wondering if anyone on here has used them in the past.  Any feedback would be helpful!

Re: Jag Studios for Photographer

  • I have never heard of them, but am looking for a photographer and have a strict budget. Northern CT/MA line. Any suggestions??
  • JAG does amazing work, but they are very pricey. If you have the budget, I think they are a great choice!!

    Envy - what budget are you trying to stick to?
  • did you check wedding wire for reviews yet @gorgeous2982
  • I was really interested them for my wedding and spoke with Jaclyn - they do great work but they were way way out of my price range. I couldn't justify it.
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  • Thanks everyone.  Lollie, we decided the same.  I also spoke to Jaclyn and really liked her and I love their work, but we couldn't justify the amount when we have a pretty strict budget.  I appreciate all who chimed in here.
  • @gorgeous2982 I am on the same boat.  I wanted Studio1923 but they were out of my budget.  I just booked Claudia ( you should check her out. I am very happy with her (so far. lol) she was really nice on our meeting and I love her work. 

    Good luck.
  • JAG has done some amazing work!  Budget is important to us but I cut back in other places and am planning to do an album.  Pretty sure were booking Val McCormick Photography.  She did many of my friend's wedding.  She is pretty much the go to in our town.  She's amazing and we all love her too!
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