Where did you have your bachelorette party?

Looking to put together a night out for my sister in September in the downtown area.


Re: Where did you have your bachelorette party?

  • What exactly are you looking for? Club, bar, lounge, or dinner suggestions?
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    I had mine in Naples FL. But around here you could go to the Baton Club or Flirty girl fitness and learn to pole dance. Bottle service at one of the bars in Hubard is always fun. something more tame could be a cooking class at chopping block
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  • My girls and I went for dinner and then to Lincoln Karaoke. You get your own private room to sing your heart out!
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  • Thanks ladies!  I'm looking for a place for dinner and then dancing -club or bar. 

  • I would say stay in River North/ old town, try hubbard inn, epic, Bull and Bear, drumbar, benchmark, the roof, pour house, Social 25. Just dont go to Howl at the moon.

    Dinner: Siena Tavern, Hubbard Inn, slurping turle, the bedford, the pump room, central standard, American Junkie, Cantina Laredo.

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  • I second @KatWAG recommendations.  I would also add Paris Club to it.  A friend of mine had dinner there for hers, and then we went upstairs to the club after.  It was a lot of fun. They have an option for a group package in the private dining area in back if you need to accommodate a larger group.

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