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River front wedding/reception in GA or LA

Hey guys!

I am planning my wedding either in Georgia or Louisiana. My fiancé and I currently live in Georgia where we both grew up but I am originally from Louisiana where all of my family is located. I would like to do a river front reception with the wedding either in the same location or close by. My options are either on the Chattahoochee in or around Atlanta, the Savannah river in Savannah, or somewhere along the Mississippi in Louisiana preferably in Baton Rouge or New Orleans. I have found a few places but after a bit of research and growing up in the south, some of the best places can't be found online or there will be little to no information on them online. My question to you guys is where are some places you know of that are in either of these areas?

We are basically going to choose which one is the best deal and has the best look to it. One of the places I have seen online that has the look closest to what we are looking for is Canoe in Atlanta (http://www.canoeatl.com/) which we are going to check out next week. I also found a few mills in Roswell, GA that look spectacular but we live a ways away from that side of Atlanta. I'd like to find something rustic but modern, or an old mill.

Please let me know of any places you can think of. I would really appreciate it!



Re: River front wedding/reception in GA or LA

  • Have you thought of the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage center? It looks very nice and from the prices that I saw it is not too expensive ether. https://gwinnettehc.org/

    Of course it's not in GA nor LA but if you want a riverside wedding the Tennessee Aquarium cannot be beat! There are a few other venues that I saw when I was first planning to get married in New Orleans but I can't remember if they were riverside or not but I will look back through my wedding stuff and post what I can find.

  • The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas is in New Orleans right on the river. You can rent it out for weddings, and Audubon's catering is pretty good. 

    Also, there are the Riverview Room and Pat O's on the River, which are both venues in Jax Brewery in New Orleans - though it wouldn't be outside, on the river, both of them overlook the river with beautiful views of the river. 
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