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Pre Cana Overkill?

Does anyone else going through Pre Cana think their wedding preparation it is a little excessive?   Due to work I can't go to the "family planning/ intimacy day" which is 6 -8 hours. My fiancée and I have already attended 4 1 1/2 hour sessions + another two which are scheduled.  For the next meeting in September we have to have watched the "God's Plan for a Joy Filled Marriage" which is six 45 min dvd sections, complete a work book for the dvds and read a 200 pg book about sex and marriage.  I enjoy the discussions about future, finances, religious philosophy (fiancée is Episcopal), but am starting to feel the strain. I know several people, including my sister, who were married at my church over the past 10 years, but none of them seem to have such an extensive preparation.   I work over an hour away from the church I grew up at and am starting to feel the squeeze.  I am starting to dread going and even my fiancée keeps asking "how many more" sessions we have to attend.  Can anyone else relate?

Re: Pre Cana Overkill?

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  • My husband and I got married last year, and pre cana was nothing like that for us. We had to go to two interviews at the church that were only about an hour long each, and then the family planning day which was around 6 hours. That was it. I agree, maybe try something online?
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