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October outdoor wedding.. to cold?

So I am thinking about doing an outdoor wedding the second week of October and I am just wondering if people think it would be to cold for an outdoor reception? I was thinking a reception with a bon fire and people tenting outside but now that I am thinking about it I am not sure if October will be to cold for that! Anyone have any advice or experience with this?
In a few years I will be marrying my best friend since Childhood :)

Re: October outdoor wedding.. to cold?

  • It's funny that you posted this because I have my date for October 17, 2014. We were planning on having our ceremony outside and moving the reception indoors afterwards. Recently, I mean as recently as last week, I had a sudden panic attack thinking, what if it's too cold for people to sit outside during our ceremony?! 

    Now, your entire reception is outside from what I'm reading? It MAY (but who knows with the weather these days) be a little too chilly to have a 5-6 hour reception outside the entire time. Would you at all consider having the ceremony outside and moving the reception part indoors? If not, I recommend lots of heating lamps!

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  • In what state is the wedding?

  • I hope it's not too cold; our date is 10/25/14! It'd be helpful to know what region you're in. I live in Northeast Ohio, and it'll be pretty if-y then. We really want to have an outdoor ceremony. Of course, no matter what season, we'd have to have a Plan B anyway, so we're just going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! 
  • We are having an outdoor ceremony and reception on October 12th. It really depends on what state you are in! I am in the midwest and Octobers here are typically beautiful fall weather, with a slight chill. We are just positively affirming it will be perfect. Our reception is under a covered pavilion so that will offer some sort of shelter and warmth. I've purchased nice wraps/shawls for my bridesmaids in the event it is chilly. On our wedding website I've noted that both events will be outdoors and to please dress according to the weather.
  • *giggles*
    Mine is going to be this October on the last Friday of the month. We planned it there so I would have a happy moment in the month. My Mother's birthday, and passing was in that month, so October is a hard one for me. It's so beautiful, too.

    As for too cold, it depends on where you are. I like the idea of having the ceremony outside, then moving in for dinner. If you were doing a lunch wedding, then you do the whole thing outside. Definitetly look at local alamanacs, and let your guests know on the invite.
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    It all depends on where you are located.  Do you have a plan B in case it is too chilly or it rains?
    My anniversary is October 26th and we are from Michigan.  The weather on our wedding day was incredibly awesome!  It was a super gorgeous day but it would have been too chilly for an outdoor wedding.

    Where are you located?

    ETA - I'm going to encourage to really think about that bonfire.  We have a fire ring in our yard and we love to gather around it.  When we do our clothes WREAK of smoke smell and everything goes straight into the washer that night.  I would not want to pick that odor up in my nicer wedding clothes.
  • It will depend on where you live and the weather. I was in an outdoor wedding in the mountains last October and was freezing the whole time (weather wasn't great that day - cloudy or rainy the whole day). The bride and groom went to a wedding the year before in same location during the same time period and said it the weather was much better that day and it wasn't cold at all. 

    Could you rent outdoor heaters to go inside the tents? That way even if it is cold, you can have it outside and still be warm. 
  • I think you need to have a plan b no matter where you live because even in the south, you could end up with a really bad rain storm that a tent alone isn't enough protection (especially if guests have to exit tent to go to the bathroom.

  • My first wedding was the second week of October.  The ceremony and pictures were outside and the reception was in a tent attached to a building.  In some of the pictures you could tell the bridesmaids and I were chilly but it wasn't freezing out.  You definitely should have a backup plan since the weather that time of year can still go either way, at least here in the mid-Atlantic.
  • We're getting married the first weekend in October (2014) outside, in Iowa.  There's a chance it might be cold and there's a chance it could be really hot.  Our reception will be in a tent and a barn, so we will be renting portable heaters from the same rental company if we need to. 

    We're also having a bonfire and will probably provide blankets so people can stay cozy. 
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  • Emily104 said:

    We're also having a bonfire and will probably provide blankets so people can stay cozy. 
    This.  We're having a November 2 wedding in Colorado.  It could be 70 degrees.  It could be snowing.  Barring frigid temperatures or snow/rain, we're doing the ceremony outside.  Ceremony will only be about 20 minutes.  We have the option of seating the guests (25-30 people) around the courtyard fire pit if it's too cold and our venue will be providing rustic, Indian blankets as well.  Guests will also be greeted with a hot apple cider drink as they arrive.   Cocktail hour will be indoors/outdoors and the reception fully indoors. We have an indoor space at the venue that can be used if it is truly too cold outside.

    You just need to keep your guest's comfort in mind completely and be prepared to roll with it and have an indoor back up plan at that time of year.
  • We are getting Married In Maine.  The wedding/ cocktail hour will be inside and would have a plan b of continuing the rest in the same indoor location.  The out door reception everyone would be notified to change clothes if desired and dress warm.  All of the people invited are from Maine and should know how to dress. I am very panicky now about the weather.  Maybe just change the date good thing I have a bit to figure it out...
    In a few years I will be marrying my best friend since Childhood :)
  • Average temperature at this time high of 60 and low of 42...
    In a few years I will be marrying my best friend since Childhood :)
  • Average temperature at this time high of 60 and low of 42...
    Unless it's in a tent with heaters, that's too cold. Especially if the reception is outdoors at night. 
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  • Agree - 60 degrees is waaayyy too cold for an outdoor wedding.
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