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Hair & Makeup Help!

We are 2 months away from the big day...I have 3 quotes for hair/makeup and having a tough time making a decision!
Does anyone have any feedback on the following: Sara Faella, Jaclynn Kate, or Bella Beauty?!
The quotes had quite a bit of difference and this is a big decision, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Re: Hair & Makeup Help!

  • I don't have any feedback on them. I do recommend MAW Beauty. Melissa is great.
  • Did you do any trials?  I definitely recommend do that so you and your stylist is on the same page on the big day.  I decided based off price and photos of prior brides.  I did consider Sara's Glam Squad but there was an extra fee for just styling a bride alone.  I ended up going with SERAi, because of their before/after trial photos on facebook.  
  • I'm with Molly & Andy-- I chose SERAi because of their fair pricing, excellent reputation, and above all, their before and after shots.
  • I second MAW Beauty and Jaclynn Kate.
  • I'm using Serai for the same reasons Molly&Andy and MrandMrsParks already noted
  • I do not recommend Sara Faella. Had a terrible experience.
  • I worked with Bella Beauty (for my July wedding) and had a wonderful experience.  They did the hair/make-up for myself and my 6 bridesmaids.  I worked with Nicole and would highly recommend them.
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  • I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Sara Faella. She did my hair and make up and her glam squad was great! She also custom designed a hair piece for my wedding day. I definitely recommend going for a trial.
  • Sara's Glam Squad is doing my hair and makeup along with my 2 MOH's, 7 Bridesmaids, MOG, and MOB, so thats 12 hair and makeups on 9/13/13!

    i hope they do a good job! LOL we are all getting ready at the tower house B&B :)
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  • I went with the glam squad - couldn't actually afford Sara fella herself. Brianna was great!!! I cant say enough positive things about her and the services we received!
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  • Ive got a girl from MA.  Shes reasonable and travels.  Great natural makeup.  Her name is Liz Fuller from Makeup Artistry, Inc.
  • I used Ali Lomazzo Beauty, she just opened her own hair/makeup company and is on the knot. I highly recommend contacting her. My wedding was this past June and it was so hot, I was so scared the make up would melt off our faces but she airbrushed our makeup and it stayed all night!!!

  • @McRogol, I love that photo!

    OP, thanks for post. Please let us know who you ended up going with! I'll probably have to look into that soon.
  • I know your wedding already took place (Congrats!), but for anyone else looking-Rebecca Minutelli at Hair Tech (Smithfield on 44) is fantastic.  She is my regular hair stylist and doing my hair for my wedding in June and is amazing.
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