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The "T" in LBGT and getting married...

OK, so I recently got engaged, this was probably one of the most amazingly wonderful days in my life.  It's something that every girl dreams of and when it's finally your day you feel like life is really just beginning.  The next step is the planning of your REALLY big day, the wedding/ceremony.  Lots of stress, lots of tears, lots of smiles and with a little luck not to may gotchas on the BIG DAY, right?

At the beginning stages of planning my wedding I'm so frustrated that I feel like giving up.  I am a pre-op transgendered woman, I very, very rarely tell anyone that I am not 'officially' a woman, but as with anything sometimes you can just guess and your guess would be correct.  Because Utah doesn't believe in giving everyone, including post-op transgendered women or men, the same rights you're kind of just stuck. 

The unwillingness of business here, people and the like in planning for MY big day has been shocking.  I have a great career, lots of friends and  man that I love with all my heart and he loves me as well.  So getting this type of feedback even here as been like WOW.

Sorry I'm venting, I just am so frustrated and not sure what to do. 

Re: The "T" in LBGT and getting married...

  • Just keep planning, keeping your eyes on the prize -- a lifetime with a partner you love.  And send a post-wedding announcement (or, perhaps an invite!) to the people blocking the legal recognition that you are (or will soon be) every bit a women
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  • First of all congratulations on your engagement. What a wonderful chapter you are about to start in your life. I fully support the T in the LGBT and I can't imagine how hard it is for you to go through what you are going through in facing any discrimination from businesses you are paying to plan your most important day. That's why I created, all our vendors state why they support marriage equality in their own words. We have to build out Utah but we are going to keep promoting our site until everyone in every state, lesbian, gay, transgender and bi-sexual are treated fairly and just. 
  • I have no advice, but I do have some hugs. And big congratulations on getting engaged. And margaritas if you'd like one! 
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