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Where NOT to get your wedding cake

Hi all, I hate to send negative messages, but this situation was so unbelievable I had to pass on a warning.  Our first choice for wedding cakes was Rick's Dessert Diner, a Sacramento staple and we have always loved their cakes.  The pastry chef is named Amahd and I don't know how long he has been working there, but my sense is he is trying to follow what someone else has set up. 

On my first phone call to discuss things with him he was very adamant that we look at the website for ideas.  I spoke to him and booked an appointment the day before we came in, yet when we showed up he looked confused and seemed to have no idea why we were there.  He ran to grab his book, and asked what we wanted from the website, so I showed him what we were looking at.  I tried to explain to him what type of frosting and cake we were looking at but he did not seem that interested.  He gave us a price, and then asked bluntly if we wanted to book (before tasting anything), and we both looked at each other and said we wanted to taste things first.  My fiance then asked if we were going to be able to taste anything, he got angry and said "What did you think, you would come in and I would have a tray of cakes for you?"  My fiance said, "well, yeah, isn't that how these things are done?"  Then he got up and said "Fine I will get you some cakes to try!"  He goes to the back to get a cake and says he only has one we can try.  My fiance then asks him, "I'm confused, are we inconveniencing you?"  He then gets very angry and yells about how he is about to give us a piece of cake for free, and begins to get very argumentative.  My fiance tells him to settle down, he yells more.  We decide to leave at that point.  I am still not sure how things went so south, but I feel like he was looking for a fight, and I am really put out that he did not seem to remember making an appointment with me only the day before. 

So obviously he was not very professional or prepared.  I don't know any other place which would want you to pay without discussing the details of the cake you want, and be put out with asking for a cake tasting so you can make a choice.  Just a warning to avoid, we will not go there anymore for a slice of cake anymore, I am not going to support a place with customer service which is so bad, and I would say a manager who to us appears to be on some kind of illegal substance if he is behaving like that.      


Re: Where NOT to get your wedding cake

  • That makes me sad to hear. I've always loved Rick's. What horrible service!! Customers should not be treated like an inconvenience.
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