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What to do when the bride retracts an invitation?


Re: What to do when the bride retracts an invitation?

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    fnsio said:
    Wow, looks like my comment struck a chord there, seeing all the angry responses.

    Thanks for the "support". 
    That's what crutches are for...

    On the real, OP. You asked people what you should do. Obviously it's rude to ask someone if you can invite extra people to their wedding when they weren't planning on inviting those people. And obviously it's rude to retract a verbal invitation. And obviously the bride is freaking out about wedding costs as many brides do. So offer to pay for your parents and get it over with.
    And as others have suggested, be prepared to attend the ceremony and part of the reception w/o your parents in case this offer doesn't go over well.

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    OP, we're advice givers, not Yes Men (not least because most of us are women).  If you want to walk around naked have at it, but don't ask strangers what we think about your hand-dyed silk scarf and expect us to say "Oh, it's lovely!  It really brings out your eyes" instead of "You're not wearing a scarf.  Why are you naked?"

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