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February 2014 Weddings

Booking Party Advice

On the 16th my fiance, parents and I are going to our venue for our post-wedding party. We are having a family only wedding and then a party sometime in March, thrown by my parents. Our plan is dessert only for cost purposes. The party will probably be 4 hours total.

Do you ladies have any advice on things to ask the venue?
Do you think we should hire a DJ or just do an Ipod for music?

Thanks in advance for any help you ladies can give me.

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Re: Booking Party Advice

  • i would definitely ask what's included in the quoted price and what extra fees should be expected. if your budget allows it, then i think a dj is the way to go. 
  • Thanks. We're still in discussion about an Ipod vs dj. 

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  • Then nice thing about djs is that they usually know how to get people up and havnig a good time. Ipods can't change the music based on audience response. However ipods are a lot cheaper.

    I would say if you are just going for some background music, I would go ipod. If you are wanting people to dance or having special dances like the first dance, father/daughter, boquet toss, etc, I would do a dj because they also kind of function as the mc and they organize the flow and announce that sort of stuff.

  • I'm not having a dance and am instead having games set up, so for me Ipod is better, with my brother being MC to keep things on schedule and to organize the day.  However, if I was having a dance of any kind, I'd go DJ.
    Sorry the lateness of my reply - I've been away.
  • I think we're still gonna do an Ipod. Trying to save money and that way we can have total control over the music. Our music taste is varied and eclectic. We also are just going to have a couple special dances but skipping the tosses, cake cutting and such. My brother seems okay with the idea of running the player.

    But thanks for all your advice ladies. 

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