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October 2012 Weddings

Dollar Dance vs Cake Smash

So I have a large family and our weeding are treated as family reunions.  Due to this there are certain expectations everyone has such as doing the bouquet/garter toss, having the bride and groom smash cake in each other's faces and doing a dollar dance.  It's bad enough that the garter toss can become inappropriate with some crowds, but the dollar dance is just too much like being a stripper and that's the last thing I want to feel like on my wedding day.  I'm not really fond of having wedding cake smashed in my face either, but I do want all of my guests to have a good time.  The last thing I want to hear is that someone is complaining because we didn't incorporate a "traditional" element into the wedding/reception.  I saw on pinterest that a couple had two flutes that people could fill with money, and whoever got the most in their glass got cake smashed in their face.  Is this a good way to get rid of the dollar dance and incorporate the cake smashing? I figure if it means that much to them to see us smash cake in each other's faces then they will pay to see it happen.  Besides after all the dancing and crying that I'll be doing, my make-up will probably be a wreck by that time anyways.  What are your thoughts?
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