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Gift Table and Road Signs Dilemma!

Our ceremony is outdoors and we will be having an outdoor yard games/cocktail hour after the ceremony while we are taking photos. Guests won't head indoors until we eat. I am wondering if we should set up our gift/card table and our guest book/advice cards outdoors and then bring them indoors or just set it up indoors when everyone heads inside? Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

Also, I have seen so many ways of pointing guest in the right direction for ceremony/reception when they arrive at the location, but does anyone have any recommendations for DIY signs on the road? (we need to start about a mile out).


Re: Gift Table and Road Signs Dilemma!

  • I see no problem with having the gift table outside and then moving it inside for the reception (although you might just want to transfer the gifts into your car at that point and only move the table inside so you're not moving stuff twice). I think your plan is fine.

    As for the signs, did you use a certain symbol, logo or monogram on your stationary? Use it on your signs. I would get signs printed at kinkos or staples. I would laminate them (in case of rain). I would make tall stakes (3 feet or so) and staple-gun the sign to the stakes. I would stake them into the ground. Whatever decor you're using for the ceremony (i.e. bows, etc.) I would put on the top corners of the sign. Maybe say "Ldnaghey wedding - 1 mile" and have 4 signs at 1/4 mile intervals and one where they turn.

  • I think the most important thing for road signs is that they be large and clear. They need to be easy to read from a passing car. Our road signs will just say "Name/Name Wedding --->" Nothing fancy!
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