Seeds! :)

Is anyone planning to do seeds as favors? We decided to do empty seed packets, stamped them all with a sunflower stamp, and are filling with seeds from a bulk package ourselves. How full should we make our packets? Also, we got 50 packets for around 80 guests... we figured some are families and not all will take some.. that should be enough right? hopefully!

Re: Seeds! :)

  • I think you will have plenty because I think you will have people leave some behind.  People live in apartments, condos, and even houses without gardens.  The couple of times I have received seeds I have taken them but they went directly into the trash when I got home.  I'm not a gardener and I have 2 cats who think plants are snack food.  I do not want to fuss with trying to grow something, I'd much rather have a handful of M&M's or Hershey Kisses.
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    I recommend you have a packet for every guest, as the gardeners (moi) might want more than one packet.
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    I think there should be one favor per guest.  If you can't afford that, then do one per couple.
  • I would make sure you have 1 favor per guest. Your idea is really cute. I don't think you need to make the bags very full - maybe 10-20 seeds.

  • We had a winter wedding in a lodge and did seedlings that doubled as place cards (so we did one per couple/family). There was a sign on the tae that said "Plant your seedling and let love grow".

    I'm sure that some of these got thrown away, but they went well with the venue and feel of the wedding, and I loved them. I have had quite a few of our guests send us pictures in the last 6 months showing us how big their tree has gotten!

  • I would also make sure that there is one favor per guest.  If you have some left over - give them away to friends later or plant them yourself!  No waste there!
  • I do not like getting seeds as favours - I don't like gardening so they would get no use. I usually end up leaving them behind :S
  • I am doing the exact same thing!  I am doing a sunflower themed wedding so I am giving away sunflower seeds as part of our place cards/favors.  I am also going to have our native Whoopie Pies as an edible favor for each guest too, this way most people will like at least one of the two favors!
  • I decided to do two favors- the regular seeds and chocolate covered sunflower seeds!
  • I am thinking about doing seed bombs ( http://www.etsy.com/listing/91530854/400-white-seed-bombs-plantable-paper?ref=shop_home_active) and putting 3-4 in a burlap bag.    I like the idea of seeds, I love flowers and our wedding is at a very woodsy/park like setting. I am having second thoughts because there will be people with no place to plant them......ave friends who live in apartents without their own yards, or cousins that still live at home with their parents.  
  • Wow those are pricy! If you go to botanical paperworks, you can buy the shredded seed paper scraps and make your own. (if you're on a smaller budget like me)

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