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Louisiana-Baton Rouge

Newly Engaged & Wedding Date Help!!!

Hello everyone! I Just got engaged on August 6 this year! My fiance and I have been together for over 3 years so we agreed that a year is too long to wait to get married. Being that we live in Louisiana I have always wanted my wedding in October or November at night when the weather is nice and cool! So I'm in a dilemma, my fiancé hunts so we can't have our wedding during hunting season (October-January) also we can't have it during football season! So that leaves the Spring open. Is anyone here having their wedding during the spring in Louisiana or has anyone had a spring wedding? If so, what is your advice? Anything is appreciated! Thanks ladies!

Re: Newly Engaged & Wedding Date Help!!!

  • I'm having mine in Spring 2014! In mid-April.  The ceremony is outside and the reception is inside/outside at a barn.  I went to a wedding on March 1 that was outside and it was absolutely freezing and miserable.  Louisiana heats up so fast, so by May it's too hot.  (However, if you're wedding will be entirely inside, this doesn't really matter.)  But that's why we chose April- even if it's still cool in mid-April, it won't be unbearable; it'll be easy to dress for.  And it also won't be too hot on an April evening either.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks! Are you in Louisiana? And I want an outdoor evening ceremony. But Louisiana is also unpredictable. Last year in March for St. Patrick's Day it was so hot and humid! I will choose cold over miserable and sweaty! You can put more clothes on but you can't take more off! Lol!
  • Haha very true!  Yes, I'm in Louisiana!
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