Mis-Matched Bridesmaid Dresses

I am considering having my bridesmaids choose their own dress giving them a little freedom to choose based on price range and body type. Although I am happy to grant them the freedom, I want to make sure one doesn't show up in a dress I completely hate. What's the best way to have some control over bridesmaids choosing their own dress? 
Note: My original thought is to have each girl wear a little black dress, or provide a color scheme to follow... does that even work?

Re: Mis-Matched Bridesmaid Dresses

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    I am doing this for my wedding.We are all going together to pick dresses. My girls are from size 6-26. Our first attempt to dress shop did not work. The dress would look amazing on line but not the other. I am giving my girls rules which consist of same color and same fabric I don't want one girl showing up in silk and another one in chiffon or lace.
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    I did mismatched BM dresses. I loved it. I gave them color, length, and type of fabric that I DON'T want for sure. it turned out beautifully and I loved the look. I think as long as the fabrics are similar and lengths are the same, it will look okay. And don't worry about if you'll hate anyone's dress. No one really looks at BMs' dresses. Even in the pictures, you are likely to focus on you.
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    I just did this in July. They looked great and actually matched quite well. I described color and style, then I gave them tons of photos of examples that would be appropriate. When they went out shopping, they would text me pictures with them in the dresses. It worked beautifully. My girls ranged from 4'11" to 5'11" and a size 2 to a 20. There was no one dress that would have suited all of them.
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