*astrakat* is looking for affordable venue

Her post kind of got buried below, plus she added some additional budget details and things, so here's what she's looking for:

$20,000 budget for reception
150-175 guests
in or close to Pittsburgh (Murrysville/Delmont/etc. area preferred)
rustic/farm look
Her date is 9/10/11, a Friday

Here's what has already been suggested or looked into:
Gateway Clipper
Lingrow (over budget)
Schenley Park
Heinz Field
Armstrong Farms
Grand Concourse
Springwood (didn't include much for 20k)
Mayernik (books up fast, so call them soon, astra, if you want them)

I'm suggesting Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in Shadyside near Mellon Park.

Also, what about the Aviary? That has a natural feel to it, but not sure how many it can hold.

You should definitely be able to get under 20k on a Friday for 175 people! :)

Re: *astrakat* is looking for affordable venue

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    I can't think of anywhere else!  Good luck!  
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    morainemommorainemom member
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    clkcurlyq just posted several threads down about her wedding at the Parador Inn.
    It's a very pretty venue with an outdoor garden.

    Edited:  I don't think it's big enough to hold all of her guests.
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    Parador is too small, but so cute!

    Aviary can fit 150 in the garden, possibly. Definitely WAY under the budget.

    There's Robin Hill Park in Moon. Is that too far?

    I am drawing a blank for the theme other than what Kwynn mentioned.
    Mayernick is a great idea for the look!
    Frick is likely over your budget.
    You can do the Schenley Plaza for that many people. They have the round tent by the carousel which is kind of neat.
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    strlzfan11strlzfan11 member
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    If you're looking for something near Delmont, have you checked into The Lamplighter?  It's on Route 22 on the left just before you get to 66.  I know that they do banquets and receptions.  I have no idea about prices though.  We lived on that side of town when I was a kid and my dad knows the owner really well.

    BTW...I'm usually just a lurker on these boards (not engaged yet) but saw this post and thought I might be able to help.

    Good luck finding a place!  I know I'll be asking for lots of help when my time comes!
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    The Lamplighter is a good idea, its nice enough but prices are fantastic around $35 per person including alcohol.  I figure you save money on food and can spend money on decorations to spruce it up a bit!
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