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FG Dresses

Wanted to get some thoughts on this. Our flower girl is my future niece. She will be 7 when we get married and she's been a flower girl before.
Anyways, my FSIL (one of my BMs and FG mom) asked for some ideas for the FG dress, because she's planning on going to David's Bridal this weekend to get her BM dress and apparently is planning on getting the FG dress too. 
I would just go with them to get the dresses, but they live about 3 hours away, and the DB nearest to them is another hour further east (away from me). And well, we hadn't talked about getting the FG dress together. I honestly haven't given it much thought until now.

I took a look at the FG dresses on the DB website and meeehh nothing really struck me as cute. However, I found some really cute ones on this website
  and am thinking of picking 2 or 3 and letting my FSIL choose from those.
So what are you ladies doing? Are you picking out the dress your FG will wear? Are you letting her mom choose? Are you giving options?


Re: FG Dresses

  • CLW102409CLW102409 member
    edited December 2011

    I picked out the dress.  Also try Burlington Coat Factory.  They have really cute First Holy Communion dresses that can be a FG dress.  That is where I bought our FG dresses and they cost $35.00. 

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    I let our flower girl pick from about 5 dresses I liked.  We found them online for a much more reasonable price than anything at David's Bridal.
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  • gmc22gmc22 member
    edited December 2011
    I like the idea of you chosing a few dresses and having them pick between 2-3 dresses, that way she can still feel like she's selecting it. I have 2 FGs so I selected the dress. Both of my FGs are older (8 and 9) and my cousin is a bigger size so my decision was based on what we could get in her size that was cute! Here is the one we chose:

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  • Janiceb2010Janiceb2010 member
    edited December 2011
    We are also using dresses from Burlington Coat Factory.  We bought communion dresses and are adding a navy blue sash that will tie in the back.  Each dress was $30. 

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    I plan on going shopping with my sister (FG's mom) and FG to pick out a dress next time I'm back in Pittsburgh.  I narrowed it down to a few I found online that I'd like to look at, but I want it to be about the experience.  I was the FG in my aunt's wedding when I was 5 and LOVED going to try on dresses.  My niece will barely be 4 when we go shopping but I hope she has the same experience with me!
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  • shortyhartzshortyhartz member
    edited December 2011
    I did pick out the dresses for the girls, but we let them try the dresses on first to see how they looked and what their reactions were.

    Check out "Attire" under my Bio.  We have 3 flower girls, the 2 youngest are wearing matching dresses and the oldest (who is 6) will wear a different dress.  They are all from David's, but the oldest girl's dress isn't available in stores, we had to order it online.
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