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Cape Cod Reception DJ Pricing and Recommendations??

Hi All,
Never thought I'd be posting here, but searching for a DJ/M.C. for our reception in Truro, MA is getting complicated. I've been quoted prices that are all over the map.  Can anyone shed some light on what they've spent or what is reasonable? Also, any recent experiences with DJ Mike Hennessy, or Steve Binder? And finally, any other DJ recommendations for the Cape area? The music and sound system are a really important element for us and I hope to avoid an overly cheesy or outdated MC. Guess this is a tall order when trying to stay within a budget! Thanks so much for any input.

Re: Cape Cod Reception DJ Pricing and Recommendations??

  • No clue what the two you listed above cost, but I think Cape Tunes rates are quite reasonable for the quality of service you get.  If the difference comes down to 200-300, I'd say go with the best reviews, because the DJ and emcee can really make or break the evening for your guests.
    (You can PM me if you'd like to know what we paid.)
  • just did my step-daughter's wedding in our backyard this weekend.  I highly recommend her.  I can't say how her price compares because we didn't hunt around, she is a friend of the family (our husbands are friends).
  • If you are looking for a modern DJ that is not outdated or cheesy then check out DJ MaShane ( I recommend them to everyone as I was a wedding planner for many years and almost always used them.  Paul and Shane are great to work with and they have reviews on  I don't know their exact price for a cape wedding since everyone is different (ceremony on beach, ceremony and reception in one spot, etc)

    Let me know if you need any other recommendations. 

  • I second CapeTunes! Scott was my favorite vendor... great pricing for the quality of service! He kept the party going all night long.
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