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Help for circlet wearing?

I bought this for the wedding, and I am having trouble getting it to stay in my hair. I have long silky hair that doesn't take to product well -- I mean it takes half a bottle of glue to get it to stay anywhere - and I wanted most of my hair long for the wedding. Any tips or tricks would be great!

Re: Help for circlet wearing?

  • Could you use bobby pins? If you are using a hair dresser, he or she might have some ideas. I actually had a hair dresser tie some hair ribbons with string to keep them from falling down. Not sure that's an idea you'd like to try, but it's an idea.
  • this may sound strange, but to keep section on forehead straight, try double sided tape, the fashion one not the stuff from scotch tape. A friend of mine did that for a band she used (she went for flappers look)
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