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New girl joining the ranks!

I saw another recent post about someone who was a workout fiend, went through some tough things, and gained about 20 lbs. My story is the exact same, only I put the weight on after things turned around. The tough things in my life curbed my appetite and sent me running (literally) for endorphins. Then, life got great, I met my fiancé, and I put on 20 lbs between our first date and when he popped the question. Now, I am the happiest I have ever been, until I go shopping, look in a mirror, or *gulp* try on a wedding dress. I have just over a year, and I want to lose about 10 lbs before I start dress shopping with the goal of crying tears of joy when I put the dresses on as opposed to tears of horror. I can wait to start the daily accountability check ins and any advice is welcomed! I am using to track diet and fitness and increasing my activity to at least 45 minutes, 6 days a week. Tonight, I am going to walk 2.2 miles to my favorite sushi place, eat a good, fresh, dinner, and walk the 2.2 miles home. Wish me luck, and so glad to meet you all!

Re: New girl joining the ranks!

  • I don't visit this board as often as I should, but I hear you regarding the whole wait-to-try-on-dresses thing! 

    My biggest suggestion is to switch from SparkPeople to MyFitnessPal. I started on SP, but a friend convinced me to give MFP a go and it's much more user-friendly. Either way, though, good for you for getting things started! 
  • Good luck and you will do great! You will look beautiful in that wedding dress :) 
  • I'm in a sorta similar situation, I was a (fairly serious) dancer up until I got really sick (right around the same time I met my now fiance), and Ive gotten seriously out of shape. I'm also in medical school, so its really really really hard to find time to work out! But I DID go to the gym today (for the first time since MAY) so I'm really proud of myself. I have until October to do my fittings, but I've already bought my dress AHHH. Good luck to you!!
  • Welcome! I'm new too :) good luck, trying on dresses was fun and I still hadn't lost the weight I wanted, but well made dresses will make your body look good, specially corset ones!! Now I just have to work on the part you can see, arms and back lol
  • Well first off -- YAY! on everything being better now! You've overcome all of the bad stuff, so you're obviously strong enough to fight the 10 lbs off. :) Have ya'll set a date yet??

    You can safely lose 1-2lbs a week so you could have the 10 lbs off in about 2 and a half months max (thats 1 lb a week). When are you planning on looking for dresses? You could have plenty of time!

    Do you think your weakness is food or the workouts? Do you know of any workouts you love? Do you think you'd like a workout besides walking, or do you think it would be too much with your schedule? 

    Here is what I am doing for my wedding in June and has worked for me for a few years now:
    -Eating clean/almost Paleo because it works well with my body

    -I create a meal plan for the week. It allows me to count my calories before the day happens, and it doesn't leave me going "what can I eat?" It's planned already! If I have a night out, I just write in "night out" and try to order something like grilled meat, veggies, butter on the site. You can also search sparkpeople to find healthy options.

    -10% of my diet is whatever I want ...even M&Ms or cheesecake. It keeps me from going crazy. My fiance also has adopted my little fitness/nutrition routines and has lost 40lbs. We still go out every Friday or Saturday for date night and order whatever we want. :) 

    -Get your fiance involved and make it fun. Maybe a fun 5k since you are already walking a lot?

    -Join a supportive group that is easy to check in with...for me this was facebook. Im in a totally private group with mostly other women that are about the same age as me working out at home (like me) and eating healthy. It really helps keep me motivated :)

    -Set mini goals. Weekly goals are GREAT for me because I can see the change and progress. I may do weight one week (lose 1 lb) or diet (get clean 90% of the time and get in all of my water) or up my weights in my workouts.

    It's really important to find something you cans stick with long term whether it's myfitnesspal, sparkpeople, weightwaters, etc. If you need anything (meal ideas, pinterest recipes, the facebook group, etc) just let me know. I'd love to have another bride to keep me accountable!
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