Venue help (and Chief Hosa/Granby Ranch question)


I'm new to the board and wedding planning.  We are planning a small wedding (50 guests) for the late summer/early fall 2014, with 90% of the guests being from out of town (we are pretty new to CO).  I would love something in the mountains with a rustic theme and definitly some outdoor space (could be on the casual side if the venue was right), but I am overwhelmed with the number of choices and would really welcome any suggestions (I have already scoured the boards and gotten a lot of good ideas).  I really don't want the 'typical' wedding with china, silverware, wine glass, but more like upscale picnic (burlap tableclothes, compostable bamboo plates, etcI would like to keep the budget around 10K.  I also have two specific questions:

1. I thought Chief Hosa looked perfect for us, but we drove up this Sunday afternoon and the noise from 70 was horrible. Anyone who has done a wedding there Is this pretty much the norm and is it that noticeable during the ceremony/reception.

2. Granby Ranch looks beautiful and I got a quote for around 11,000 for 65 guests, this seems expensive to me.  Also, I love the ceremony site, but I haven't founded any great pics of the reception site and I think it might be just a 'typical' ballroom feel.  Does this seem reasonable for  the location/size? and any thoughts on the reception site?

Re: Venue help (and Chief Hosa/Granby Ranch question)

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